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  1. Good luck! I just started Retin A for just about the same reasons (except I'm also a smoker and I actually did get little red zits...seemed like there were always 2-4 in permanent residence on my cheeks!). In the spirit of what cement face said, remember the 10 foot rule! Almost no one sees you much closer than 10 feet away. While I understand the anxiety of standing two inches from a mirror and fretting about every pore and mark, and while I understand that it is one's own right to attempt to
  2. First of all, hello all! I'm glad I found this site. I also want to thank everyoone who posts pictures. I got inspired to do the same after looking at a few galleries, and I have to say it takes some balls. The first few pictures of my skin were hard to look at, since you usually don't see it in such detail. But I felt like I might have something to add for people who have the same type of skin as me. check my gallery for pics if you want. I have mild adult acne that seems to be caused more by
  3. miss bliss

    Mild Adult Acne - Retin A

    Retin A for mild adult acne and the ensuing scares/dullness it leaves.