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  1. thanks for the responses.. my face started to peal........ i am going to use the cetaphil moisturizer tomorrow (haven't used that or pro active since sunburn, and i also have neutrogina now, gonna wait till sunburn goes away to use this) and see if that helps the dry skin at all. I use aloe, but this shit still burns soooooooo badly!
  2. hey everyone.. my acne has been decreasing lately and besides a few bad pimples i had on my forehead, there was nothing too bad. I went to FLA this past week and since i have extremely pale skin, i got raped by sunburn. I can barely raise my shoulders, everytime i lie down my back kills, but my face seems to have gotten a nice little tan! The acne seems like it has improved, but is this just because of the fact the redness/tan is covering it? Any input is greatly appreciated.. thanks
  3. that is very very true.......... also, i fucking hate when they come on when i am with friends or around other people. I usually just go to the bathroom or completely ignore the TV.
  4. 5 gallons holy shit... after about 3 liters a day, you start flushing out vitamins.
  5. idk if this is only because of pro-active, but i've used it the last 2 days (fully) and even though i've eaten shit my face looks like it's getting better. I just got back from a one day trip to Maryland and am going to use cetaphil in the morning and pro-active at night. I heard that having BP on while out in the sun isn't good, so i will use it at night, and use cetaphil in the morning. I hope to see some results soon, and as my acne has already been clearing up i hope i can just finish this c
  6. i have read amazing things about the regimen..... it's just telling my parents about it and convincing them to get it for me... My mom has been riding the pro-active bandwagon because it worked for my 2 cousins, and she is getting on me for not doing it "the right way". I guess i will see how that goes for a little bit, and if it doesn't work i will definetely try to convince her to get the regimen for me.
  7. i was thinking the exact same thing when i saw white rice... also maybe get rid of the cottage cheese. A lot of people have bad reactions to dairy, but it's all about trial and error for yourself. Good luck and congrats on the change. Having a good diet goes a lot past acne.
  8. well i feel like a complete moron for not knowing the differences lol... i just googled it and i am pretty sure i just have inflamed acne with mostly papules and a few blackheads on my forehead. It isn't too bad compared to a lot of the people on here, but in my area almost nobody has acne, and i feel kinda like shit a lot of the time. I try not to let it get to me, but in the summer sun it is kind of hard.
  9. hey guys... i don't want to bore everyone, but just a little background info.. When i get into something, i get into it and learn everything i can about it. Over the last 5 weeks, i have began to change my lifestyle. I started to lift weights, and i learned virtually everything i could about lifting, and came up with a routine that i thought would be most beneficial for me. I want to do the same for acne. This summer, i am volunteering at a camp for kids with autism and down syndrome. I don't t
  10. wow i literally just came across this after i said "mind over acne" in another one of my posts. I think that this is true to an extent.. The mind does control the body and i learned about it in psychology that you can convince yourself things to actually make them true. I think that people should care about their acne and apply medications, but try not to let it affect them in their interactions with other people. This tells the mind that your acne should be getting better Confidence outshines a
  11. There is one constant in this topic; everyone thinks that someone won't like them because of their acne, and everyone is afraid to get into a relationship because of their acne. Take it from me; a normal junior in high school this past year who really liked a girl who was "out of my league".. i swear she showed almost every sign of liking me, but i was just too much of a pussy to make a move. I noticed that she was more outgoing around me when i was more outgoing around her.. and the acne made
  12. try decaffinated green tea.. maybe that will work? It relieves stress, and i also heard that rubbing the tea bag on your face after you drink the tea helps to get rid of pimples. Is this true?
  13. i have heard the thing about water flushing out the nutrients... is that proven? I just heard of trying Water Therapy and actually did it this morning (not only for acne, but for other health benefits in general).. it has you drinking 1.5 liters of water in the morning right when you wake up. I actually saw some improvement in my skin today. Idk maybe it's a placebo or me generally improving my diet, but i did feel energized most of the day..
  14. yeah water is one that (at least for me) might not help acne, but it helps your body so much so it's worth drinking it regardless... Eating tips are awesome, but anything besides that? Like skin care of lifestyle changes that helped you improve your acne?