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  1. Day Something-or-other, lost count, but its been almost 2 years and 1 month to the day since I started the regimen. I've skipped the cleanser and the moisturiser from acne.org, but still using the BP treatment - somehow managing to buy one massive bottle and stretching that out to 6 or more months until I have to stock up again. So what's my regimen now you ask? Here goes: Cleanser : Aveeno Radiant Cleanser in the morning, Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser at night (better at removing my war p
  2. Hey americaninparis! Thanks for reading - and commenting too!! All I can say is keep at it, dont punish yourself if you fall off the wagon. I found it mentally easier by thinking to myself - all i want is calm skin, i dont care if i have a few scars or red marks. Document your progress too - whether on here or just for yourself, because when you're at your worst moments, whether 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years down the track, you can always look back at them. Good luck on your journey though -
  3. OMG - Well I hav eno idea what day I'm up to now in this crazy accers journey of mine. I've been very lazy and havent come on here in so long, so I'm still alive, still fighting the bumpy fight. As promised almost 6 months ago, here are some new photos taken tonight. I've been chopping and changing with my foundations for the last 3 months, and my skin has suffered for it. I'm currently using Almay's Skin Stays Clean (which I think has been discontinued in America) - its alright, cruddy colour
  4. Hey all - just wanted to let you know I'm still alive and around. I know I havent posted on here in a while and I promised photos on my last post, but I'll have more time over the coming months to post away Im still battling on with the dreaded accers - just bought my 3rd/4th bottle of treatment. Im solely just using neutrogena face wash, dan's treatment and am alternating between neutrogena oil free moisturiser and started with ultra-x prolift by garnier (dont laugh, prevention is better th
  5. Hey Dan - thanks for your encouragement!! Hope you've been doing okay and persevering with the treatment. Good luck!!! xx Hey Strato - thanks! 99.9% of pictures are taken without makeup, I usualy advise if its with or without. They're almost always taken at the same time each week - after night time shower after work, when the make-up's all gone. My profile pic is the one with the makeup and I think there's another one I had taken when my face was blown up from wisdom teeth surgery
  6. Day 191 - Getting more and more slack... I dont know what it is, I just forget to keep coming on here, and it frustrates me because I really want to keep up to date with this log. I guess I've been going through some stuff again, sometimes it feels like it never ends, and I just want my life to run smoothly and free from stress. My partner started work just after my last post and I can at least see improvements in that area - family on the other hand, dont even go there. The only thing thats s
  7. Hey apple! Just having a read through your entries - its so frustrating with the itching and the flaking. I work in a call centre, and during my first month or so on the regimen I'd be sitting there with my face burning and trying to talk to customer's. Garg! I really hope you stick at it, its possibly the most rewarding thing I've ever done. And while you're just starting out you can use all the DKR products and then - as Dan says - after a while if you feel you need something extra or somet
  8. Day 165 - Spoke too soon... So in the weeks that I've been harping on about not getting any pimples - you guessed it, got one. Bugger of a thing - but thankfully I'd had the drunken foresight to cut myself a fringe prior to it appearing (which may be WHY it appeared in the first place). It appeared 6 days ago on the right side of my forehead, now the little crettin is but a distant memory - huzzah for DKR! I wont give you my usual blend of ramblings tonight - I'm feeling less philosophical abo
  9. Day 155 - Blergh... So I've been uber slack again with the posting and the photo-taking. Just have not been .. in the mood isnt the right way to say it, but just not caring about a lot of things at the moment... Things are still pooh with life, my partner has been out of work since February (hopefully not for much longer) and things are quite skint at the moment. I've almost run out of DKR face wash, so for the last two or so weeks I've been using Garnier deep clean cream wash, which surprisi
  10. Hey halon2!! I've been away for a month and have just read through all of your logs I missed out on - you're still going so well, its so awesome! I've had to reduce my BP application for the same reasons you had too - fingers crossed! You're going great and your progress still inspires me too! xx Marti
  11. Hey Kwassa (x2) Thankyou so much for reading! I'm so glad you're getting something out my ramblin!! lol I havent posted on here for over a month, so its always good to know someone's reading still. No matter what happens on your journey with the regimen, never lose hope! xx So - Day 142 - End of Week 19 : Just when you think things couldnt get any worse... I have had potentially THE worst month of my life. Its nothing compared to other people and what's happening to them at the momen
  12. Day 115 - Start of Week 16 : Questions... So, I have been having total debbie downer moments for the last few weeks - if this log was somewhere else, I would waffle a whole lot more about what's been happening. But I wont - probably be too much for me to write anyways. With the amount of stress I am under, I've been really lucky - I admit, Saturday morning (6/6/09) I washed my face and FELT a pimple emerging with redness and a head on my lower lip near the corner on my right. As for the last
  13. Day 110 - Week 15 - Just a bit late this week... I know I usually post on a Monday, its now Wednesday - have had a rough week and really just didnt want to go near the computer at all. Have taken different photos tonight to try and get a closer look at my scarring and may use the same shots to monitor the fading progress methinks. During the weekend I noticed a little sore lump forming on the left side of my chin between my jaw and lip. I put on some aha before bed and in the morning - zap!
  14. Hey katmae24! Thanks so much for the support - makes a big difference when you know people can see something too. Keeps you inspired to keep going! xx
  15. Day 101 - Start of Week 14 : TRIPLE FIGURES!!!!! Thanks to everyone who commented - this site is definitely one of those places where people that count give you their opinion and you know they're not mum, dad, boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend telling you "hey, its not THAT bad". Means a lot *tears up* :*) Excitement! Since beginning of Week 12 (day 84) I have not had one active pimple. I am more ecstatic than when I got engaged (but SHHH , do NOT tell my partner!!!!)!!!!! It's still that