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  1. I was on accutane before, long story, but i started it again 2 weeks ago. and today after work i noticed i had a bunch of little tiny pimples that havent even come to head yet on back and chest. and im tlking very little. it kinda looks like a rash i guess youd say. Im not that nervous cause its a new job, and im a barback and today was insanely hot and i sweat alottt and my work shirt is kind of tight so might just be irritated skin. But i dont want to take any chances, Anyone ever hear of pimp
  2. thats cystic acne, the best kind....jk, but if there red painful and develop on cheeks sides of head near temple and wont go away, go to your derm and ask about accutane, and get a cortisone shot from your derm too.
  3. I went on accutane last year. It worked but only like 50% of my pimples went away. It was a fail. I took it stupidly. Like i would pick up the pills 2-3 days later mid course. And thats 2-3 days without it. I brokeout during those days. I would then try to makeup for it by taking like an extra one for 2 days. Thus making me go 2-4 days without every time i had to restock. Then the last month and a half something happened with my blood work and the derm. And it got out of sync and i didnt even ge
  4. Ok i lied. it was about me. I had pretty oily skin. Even with shine free morning washes and all that. My skin still got oily to wear, if i rubbed my nose my finger was shiny and smelt bad. I didnt start smoking but smoked some cigs id say a total of 4-6 the last 3 days. And noticed my skin has stayed oil free completely as long as i keep taking 2-3 pulls a day. Im not taking up smoking to stop acne. I was just curious as my acne is caused from having over active oil glands and it clogs up my por
  5. Since smoking dries your skin out. For people who get acne from oily skin would smoking in effect help that. And please dont give me that nonsense with saying how bad it is etc, Im not doing it i just thought of it
  6. I got a pimple that i popped everything was fine but it was unnaturally dark. Like almost violet color i guess. And now its completely flat nothing undearneath but its red. Theres also a little hole where the puss came out. It wasnt a big pimple just REALLY dark red. Any ideas?
  7. An update. I was clear and i had Mcdonalds cheese burger and next day had 2 slices of pizza with a choclate milk and today have 3 new pimples. Only 1 cysts though. Im going to stop again with all dairy for the next 2 weeks and see the results. I could be wrong but it seems it doesnt cause the pimples themselves like the studies and stuff say it has hormones which cause oily skin. And thats also what i noticed. seems it takes 2-3 days for the hormones to react. I could be wrong so dont qoute me
  8. cysts pimple. THey take months sometimes to completely go away as the skin behind is ruptured kinda. Dont worry itll go away, just be happy you dont have dozens. all over
  9. So a few months after coming off acutane. which btw i missed the last month and missed atleast 7 days while on it. I started breaking out pretty bad. I also was eating insanely unhealthy. All the time. So i decided trying to eat kinda healthy which pretty much was just less of the junk i was eating. Then one day i walk to get a bowl of cereal cause i was like hmm i havent had one in awhile. And i noticed my face was pretty clean. So i was like ohh snap, its teh milkz! And then it was goin good.
  10. So i have been breaking out the last 2 months, as well as eating ALOT of food, most of which has been cereal. ALOT of milk and cereal. then last week i walked by a mirror and noticed i had pretty much no pimples just red spots. And a week after no milk. not even no dairy just no milk ive gotten a grand total of 3? little pussy ass whitehead pimples, the kind that go away in a day or 2 on top of im not even cleaning or showering really since im on vacation. hehe i know gross but just cutting milk
  11. Ok so i saw a pretty good infomercial, it was for max clarity and well at first i was skeptical but what i noticed was, the people on the comercial had actual acne and cysts not pussy whiteheads that simple bp can solve. Second thing was the company make actually good prescription medicines. Also i found a post on this site, and ALOT of people said they liked the results and it was actually working. So can anyone shed some light?
  12. u roll around so much during the night it really doesnt matter
  13. my guess is your flossing and cleaning it really well so while your sleeping no bacteria or gems are coming out of your mouth when facing the pillow so your not rolling face first in bactera ?
  14. I have 6 thats right 6!!!! cysts on the right side of my jaw. and they all acme to head but one and i steamed and softly got the white stuff out. I threw some neosporin on them cause it heals stuff but is there anything i should do? Like put duac on it? or drink lemon juice or something? the duac has already stopped working and its only been around 2 1/2 weeks....Why does my derm have to be popular that i have to wait 2 months in between appointments.