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    Really.. right now my interest is to get my face cleared.. and to get back to living life. Wish me luck.
  1. Hey Hun!!! hope everything's going good...how's it been so far?!? any improvements!! you're a beautiful girl soo i can't wait to see the results!!!

    1. I was beautiful a year ago. I have so many health problems. I have gained 80 pounds and now my face looks.. well, you can see it. My daughter now cries when people tell her she looks like me. It hurts. Ive been up and down this road for 10 years and finally agreed to accutane. I am embarrased by the way I look, but I know I will be beautiful again..
    2. I have light powder on, but I couldnt have done this with make up a month ago my face was so swollen!
    3. Ive been taking forty for four days. My tummy is sensitive but thats all I have to report. I hope to GOD this stuff works.. Can anyone help me start on a accutane log
    4. I start taking accutane at the end of this month. Im nervous due to the depression factor. I have depression issues already.. look at my face! Does anyone share the same fears?
    5. I have been fighting this for ten years... I have tried everything and my derm thinks my only option left is accutane. My case is a little tricky. I coded 8 years ago and I have an implanted defibb. It shocks my heart when it stops, I have had three blood clots that almost killed me so I should be happy just to be alive.. and I am!! I have gained 80 pounds in ayear and have suffered from major depression. So Im scared of accutane. Im depressed because I take so many cardiac meds and on t