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  1. It's some good stuff, maybe you should try to buy it online? like drugstore.com?
  2. Hey guys, I have a few break outs on my neck, I've used the regimen on my neck but I find it gets so red and flakey that it looks worse ! Any suggestions on either what I should use there, or how much bp to use? I did a search but nothing specfic came up on the neck area... I'm thinking I'll use bp there but just put a lot of moisturizer on top of it. thanks
  3. Hi I just started up college again (it's my 2nd year), and I've been under a lot of emotional as well as physical stress.... I have also been drinking and partying a lot. My face has been really clear lately, (been on dans regiment for 8 months). I think I only have 1 pimple now. But practically the day after I moved back to school my chest and back broke out worse then ever. I was just wondering if stress and or drinking might have anything to do with the increased break outs??? The reason I t