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  1. Months ago, I took SawP 160 morning & night for several months and NO change to my acne (or facial hair, for that matter!). So, did nothing for me... I'm a 31 y.o. female, and my acne is most definitely hormonal (cleared totally up when I was preggo, came back with a vengeance after I gave birth). I thought SawP would be my answer, but it wasn't. I sure do hope it helps you, I did all the same reading you did, and saw SO many stories of women who it had worked for!
  2. And if you find a cheaper wash that works for you... that'd be awesome! I think the AcnePractice is for people who have exhausted that search, like I had. The $265 that I spent is about so much more than just a face wash, it was about something FINALLY working, and having a dr's guidance, as well as the confidence that I can maintain this clear skin. That money bought me clear skin... doesn't so much matter which product did it. But hope your search is less expensive than mine! ;>)
  3. Hey guys.... one thing that you have to understand about TheAcnePractice.... when you order a kit, you are sent not only the kit you ordered, but you are also sent samples of all other products offered. And then the real work begins. Because this is not a "one size fits all" cure... the reality is, it's a lot of work... mixing and matching different products, observing how your skin responds, making adjustments, more skin observation, more adjusting, etc. So for those of you freaking out that I
  4. Hello! Yes... Tons more improvement. So much so, I have totally neglected logging on here like I used to! I am down to my last three small active pimples (running their course and all), with no new pimples in over a week (that's huge for me... prior to beginning the AcnePractice, I was getting several new, painful, large bumps every single day). I would take pics right now and post, but it's dark out and I hate using the flash. But I guess it's time to repost pics since things are looking so gre
  5. LOL!!!! I'm actually going to take your last post as a total and complete compliment!! 21!! ROFL. The "girl" in all those photos are ME, and I am 31. I am NOT a marketer, I am a singer/songwriter and live in the mountains in CA! And to set the record straight, I NEVER spammed for anybody, and especially not OWN. I simply started threads to ask if anyone had tried that line of products. (the only reason the moderators locked one of my posts is because I made two identical posts on the same s
  6. ??? Can't a person review a product without someone such as yourself thinking I work for Dr. Neal??? Check my history on this site and it will confirm that for you. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising, and as a very happy client, that's what I have done for the products I'm using. Not much different than anyone else on these boards. I seriously don't get why so many people are so bitter about this particular line of products. IF THEY OFFEND YOU, DON'T TRY THEM.
  7. I think most all of us acne sufferers are wary of scams because we've all been ripped off a time or two... In my opinion, all skepticism is understandable. That's why I started this thread... Sometimes seeing that a product has worked for someone in the real world can be helpful. ;>) The prices at the AcnePractice have come down since I bought my kit two months ago, and they will likely be cut in half next year. So if you can get past the skepticism and are like me (where NOTHING else had wor
  8. I've been taking my pics in the exact same spot in my house from day 1, around the same time of day. i don't know if it's the changing seasons/lighting differences outside or what, that's what I don't have time to goof around with. On the ingredients, you don't seem to be getting it... each kit comes with a ton of different products. No one uses ALL the products in their kit, but you spend time bouncing around trying different combinations of products that work best for your skin/acne type. Ther
  9. I'm sorry, I don't understand why people like you are even on these boards. Unless you have something positive or encouraging to post, you're just a wasting everyone's time here. Maybe you're blind or maybe you haven't really looked at the photos, but after a 15 year battle with acne I am showing consistent and OBVIOUS clearing. If the products I am using offend you, DON'T BUY THEM. It doesn't get much simpler than that. These boards exist for people to share what's working for them, and that's
  10. You guys, I can't for the life of me get the same lighting as the first day... I've been trying! I don't use a flash because it really washes the pics out, and today's pics were taken near a window (but not RIGHT in front of it in the hopes of not getting too much light)... But STILL they're bright. I have an active toddler at home so I don't get a lot of time to play with the pics and lighting. I wish I could get them consistent with that first day. BUT, the point is the continued improvement.
  11. Just to update the handful of people that were actually interested, I have now been on my program for 7 weeks.... Day 1 and Day 49 photos attached. I could not be happier to be on the road to healthy skin FINALLY. ;>)
  12. Honestly, I truly don't have time to do that for you anytime soon. And it really doesn't matter because it's how the products are used rather than what's in them... If this helps, here's a blog post I just ran into on the Acne Practice website... maybe this will help those concerned with ingredients: Benzoyl Peroxide is Not Needed Here. Benzoyl Peroxide is not needed in this advanced program. If you are scared of it for any reason, whether justified or not, I recommend the Minimal Kit and commun
  13. ...Let me continue, since your post is so unbelievably asinine.... You say that the website doesn't post ingredients, and then you make some big leaps as to what you think is in it. Brilliant. There are different products of different strengths and literally thousands of variations of the products offered. That's what INDIVIDUALIZED means. Which is like... the OPPOSITE of Proactive. And no moisturizer, so you're wrong there too. Keep guessing though... and let yourself continue to be angry and b
  14. Are you kidding me? Pictures mean WAY MORE than words. Telling you that I am clearing means almost nothing if I don't SHOW progress. Same effect? I don't know what planet you are from, but everyone knows that pictures show much more than words. And why I are you so angry that I'm showing pictures of my progress? These boards are full of that and one of their main purposes. Seriously, what's your issue? The program I'm on has nothing to do with brand names. I knew there would be people like