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  1. Ok - 3 weeks in - i am noticing no clearerer skin - infact my skin is worse off now than it was when i started - i have red marks now, whichi never had before - which are semi permanent! The zits still come - stronger than ever...my skin stings whenever i put anything on it - and generally stings all the time...its redder than before... And its caused wrinkles to appear beneath my eyes... I Am sure the regiment is good and works for some people - but its not worth it in my case...I may re-sta
  2. OK i thought this was happening before - but now i am certian... I just checked this morning - and i have wrinkes under my eyes today - significantly differnt to the - well - no wrinkles of before!!! so far the regiment has cause Pain Dry Skin Red Marks (never had them before) Wrinkles under eyes Worse Acne - i am getting fed up of this.
  3. Ok i never ever ever had these before... so why after using BP gel do i get them?? i have a red mark on my lip from one about 2-3 weeks ago - and i am scared of getting more!!! Worse than gettting acne is getting red marks imo - i dont care bout a pimple that lasts 2-3 days - but a red mark that last months!? can u imagine whats going to happen when u get a new pimple - and a new red mark - and that continues for ever? youll have a face full of red marks and the odd pimple - thats worse than
  4. How long did you ahve to wait till your acne cleared up - please state how much u had before ) Thanks!
  5. thats good to know that he cleared up then - i kinda figured if u had it at 20 ur stuck with it for life... i do belive my hormones are weird tho...*Shrugs* u know what i really think - it been caused by a zinc defency - u see i worked out recently that i have taken in 0 zinc for the past like 3 years or something - nly very moderate amounts... now i am on a vitment supplement and take natural forms of zinc whenever possible - and ofocurse balance it all out with other things...and i have noti
  6. I have almost the same sort of skin type as you - except i have less zits...i am 20 now too - i have been using BP for about 3 weeks now - dan told me personally to stick with it for 2-3 months before getitn goff it - which i can ablige because - well 3 months is squat. In the inital weeks it got worse...and zits did not stop occuring. The zits now do still come but they are far smaller and last far less, red marks are now an issue - where they wern't before - but it is a non issue as they ar
  7. I live in Alaska, and i got mine within the specified shipping time.
  8. i got dark circles under my eyes - had them since i was a kid and didnt go to bed on time for - well my entire child hood. Also i think i rubbed my eyes alot when i was a child and shreded my capileries. so - live and learn...anyway i have managed to get them to almost bareable levels - but the odd 'man have u got a black eye! who hit you!' pisses me off... so is there a go away cream, or some treatment?
  9. Well - i was thinking really hard - wouldnt it be cool if i could try two things at once...theni remembered every face has two sides - genius that i am i figured out 2 ways and 2 sides fits qutie well..... sooo i am going to do the ACNE.org regiment - totaly pure - to the letter - 100% - on the left side of my face...and i will do a cold water/warm water system (that my sister uses) on the right side of my face + moisteriser...if things level out. so...lets see what works...i have suspisions
  10. Ok - i had practiaclly no acne before i used the regimen - infact it would only flar up every week or so... I tried this so i didnt have to deal with that anoying rar occurance... now with BP usage my skin is dry in areas or usage, the spots come more frequently and they stay red for AGES - where as before they would go away in a matter of days, signs of their assault remain for weeks. Its pissing me off....and i am thinking of chucking the bleech in the bin. yes - BP seems to me to be a tye
  11. my sister only uses warm water to open the poores, and cold water to close them. - no soap no nothing - and has the best sking i know...
  12. I am not too sure about this...but i seem to be getting more zits while using this stuff than when i wasn't using it - atleast - outbrkaing more frequently..
  13. happens to me too. Its very anoying cos just when u start to feel good about urself - boom -
  14. lol weird...but we are talking abou burning here not heat beats in noses! :-P I am still applying the BP - new zits are STILL coming and its STILL Burning - so i darn't increase the amount i use... *sigh* i am thinking of throwing all my products away and seeing what my skin will do... I havn't done that in ages...and at one point in my history i was in a depression and didnt shower for like a week and my skinc leared up amazingly well - got blackheads, and skin was kinda greasy - but no acne
  15. I am using dans stuff ;-) and i am not following the regimen to a T i.e. i use a toner, but only because I feel i need to locse the poores on my face...it also enriches the skin and makes it look better, i put some moisteriser on today - it didnt help the stinigng, made it worse inface - but i used about 1/3 of the amount of BP as i used yesterday and the stining is greatley reduced. i also reduced the usage to my main problem areas, i do get acne in other places on my face...but that MAINLY on