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  1. Just wanted to say that this site and these tips re ibuprofen gel are genius. I have mild asthma so may try it with caution as am on the spot treatment. Really helpful, thanks ALL. I'm new to the site and so have found it really illuminating.
  2. Hello Monkey.UK Just wanted to ask you about ZENO that you mention and more about the red and blue light you mention too. Could you tell me more about that? Medders
  3. Could I ask you Willow569 I'm worried that due to using the topical acne treatment I'm using and my skin is now so sensitive, whether a facial peel is wise? I've always kept away from peels, microdermasbrasion etc as I thought it aggravated acne prone skin. Do you think there are benefits for congested skin, its my jawline that is the problem. Everywhere else is clear. Medders
  4. DO NOT GIVE UP. I feel that acne is really overlooked and downplayed in our society. And companies benefit by promoting a magical cure. The truth is that acne greatly lowers your self esteem and can affect your day to day life. That's a problem. I am in nursing school and I'm starting to feel that I need to pursue a career dealing with dermatological issues, because no one deserves to suffer this way. ---Kara
  5. Hello, Im a newbie from London, England. This is a really impressive site you have and I hope that my queries are not totally out of step with everyone else. Had not ouccured to me to reach out to others suffering from adult acne so its a big step. Im using a topical skin treatment at night only prescribed by my doctor named DIFFERIN GEL 0.1% Active ingredient adapalene. I currently use Cetaphil for mild cleansing and use an Oil free Neutrogena moisturiser. Just picked up on the jojoba oil