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  1. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, you just have assume it will be there.
  2. Baldr just sit and act invisable, or do you have more fairytale lives you want to live online?
  3. If you think we live in a democratic society then by all means do so. Your not even taking into consideration what i stated earlier so i'm just not gonna bother anymore. Freedom? what freedom? move along > Baldr you just sit there living your fictional life online.
  4. Well i guess you were right in saying that you never mentioned you didn't care, you stated it doesn't effect you as much as others..fair enough but that wasn't the reason i called you selfish Maybe you should look back to the post where i called you rich biy because i can't see it. Ignorant yes in your view of democracy and freedom I'm sorry but Australia is far from a democratic country
  5. Oh sorry grow is that thead still going...i went to sleep after my last post so i didn't see anything afterwards. That comment is directed at whyme00, i don't know if you seen most of his posts, but that post basically summarises what he thinks of himself. Of course this is all going by what he mentions about himself if your interest have a flick back.
  6. This is the man that every girl wants, his *cough* rich, handsome and desirable *cough* yep i think that alone should be able to get numbers?? move along
  7. I think Dan's bp is also effecting people mentally, they seem to be obsessed with him. DAN WHATS YOUR SECRET, whats the secret ingrediant, maybe i could put it in a spray and spray it on chicks to hook up......
  8. Unfortunetely im lost tenchi I don't know gareth nor the show your refering to. But anyway, if you look back i was merely criticising your view on democracy and freedom, i never really criticised you (beside the term ignorance which i don't find to be offensive), until you started completely flipping your posts. Even so i just stated you were ignorant and nothing more. I didn't make false statements besides what you stated. Anyway its getting late time for bed, nite all Peace
  9. Why is that? Settle i didn't call you a loser. Theres no reason for me to call you a loser your seeking help for your skin. Um yes... :D
  10. I didn't assume much other than what he had told us. Parents both earning 6 figure salary, what does that tell you? Not effected by the event of the world, what does that tell you? For the record, i don't live life like sickening, i enjoy life especially now that i'm clear. But like i said i try to help those who are depressed and suffering. To be honest i've been looking for jobs for a month now and i'm not getting very far. I can't understand it really i have the necassary qualifications bu