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    I remember yet the first time this nightmare started. The year was 1995 and the month November. I've had moderate acne.<br /><br />I have a very white nordic and pale thin skin but at the same time I've oil glands from the other part of my family middle-east descendant.<br /><br />Obviously that oil production designed for a thiker, darker and resistant skins, won't never can get out of the tiny pores of a nordic skin, commonly dry ones.<br /><br />That's my theory of why I have this trouble.<br /><br /><br />Since my 18 years old (1999), 4 years later I've got isotretinoin for 2 years, 20 mg average. 6 or 7 months later I've started again. Do you think the "magic permanent remission" touch my soul? Forget it. I'm taking a lot of things which helps a lot and I guess everything is relatively under control but maybe I'll start again isotretinoin but just 20 mg 2 times per week for 4 years then the magic drug SMT D002 from Summit Labs will appear at 2012 and will change the life of millions of people for ever.

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  1. I support isotretinoin drug but I can't understand why people must suffer taking 1-2 mg per kg with headaches, joint pain and extreme tiredness. It's absurd. Indeed, 0.5 mg per kg it's a quite high dose. 0.2 mg per kg should be the limit, maximum 0.3 mg per kg. This comment is mainly for people who are thinking bad about me because I have a different view of how apply the treatment of this drug.
  2. Pero Punta del Este queda en Uruguay (que son como hermanos de todas formas y hablan igual que nosotros, con el mismo acento) y yo soy de Argentina. Gracias igualmente ;) Question number 7: it's supposed 10 is a very horrible and extremely cystic acne... well... I've had moderate acne so I was 6.5. Pero Punta del Este queda en Uruguay (que son como hermanos de todas formas y hablan igual que nosotros inclusive y con el mismo acento) y yo soy de Argentina. Question number 7: it's suppo
  3. 1) How long did you take the accutane medicine for ? Four years, 20 mg daily since 18 years old to 22 years old. My weight was 57-58 kg and my height is 1.70 m. 2) Did your acne return? How much time did it take for the acne to return? With what severity? Yes, after 2-3 months with 40-50% its strength which was originally moderate. 3) What side effects did you feel throughout the treatment? The only side effect was dryness. 4) What side effects do you still feel? Permanent damage i
  4. Yeah... I know how it feels... :cry: And they stay clean without an effort. It's very hard to see that every day of my life. I feel very bad with myself. I wish you success :cry: I'm sorry I'm so depressive today :cry: All of this is too much for me after 14 years. I can't stand it any more nor a second.
  5. Unfortunately, the last one I make a lot of things to stay fine. It's a very hard life for me, a real nightmare each day of my life. That's why several times I would prefer to die (seriously and it would be a pleasure for me because maybe I would be free once for all) Now I hope my future maintenance dosage of isotretinoin change my life forever. It's my seriously last hope if not... I don't know what I will do but I suppose nothing nice.
  6. So do not make a personal regimen in a public acne forum sweetheart.
  7. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/7918010 Anyway I wish you success and the permanent remission which is 150% impossible to achieve in my case, taking 120 mg per kg of cumulative dosage, 150 mg per kg, 300 mg per kg, 500 mg per kg (what I've taken) or 1,000,000 mg per kg. Bye
  8. Because I wrote with dedication some words to you in other topic you opened without just a reply.
  9. That's because if a person with moderate acne and obviously severe acne do such thing the face become worst than a monster within a day. In the other side, water is not enough to clean the cumulative dirty, a gentle cleanser it's basic and I guess it's much better than a make-up remover for example. Bye
  10. I hope Megan you take a low dosage treatment without suffering as LionQueen did for example. No more than 10 mg per day for 1-2 months then a maintenance dosage of 10 mg weekly for life without an oily skin or damage your organism but I must admit I'm pessimist you or other people do this kind of treatment. I'm almost convinced I'm wasting time writing this kind of thinking in a world of conservatives. Bye =|
  11. Amanda: If you open a topic, one or two, try to follow them.
  12. No, you could die!! Read one of my posts at the second paragraph... ...and also read it whole. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Unlucky-1...17#entry2520017
  13. Poster of a girl: http://lh3.ggpht.com/oriamdl/R3GqbDcxPpI/A...-Posters[6] ...