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  1. Re my post from April I have had clear skin now for about 2 1/2 months. stopped taking the Dicloxacillin Sodium about 1 1/2 months ago. I slowy came down onto a one tab a day after taking 3 a day for the first month or so. I have been drinking all kinds of crap (coke,vodka,burbon,redbul,rockstar ect ect) i woudnt touch cus i would break out and nothing at all has come up. so atm im not taking anything and im pritty much clear about 95%. proby wouldnt have any if i cleaned up my diet again.
  2. well im gonna give this a go only doing 1000mg a day tho. 1 at breaky 1 at lunch and 2 at dinner. im also on minocyline if it interacts badly at all ill stop the peniclin straight away.
  3. Hey guys, Went to my doc the other day after a month on doxy . I asked for a higher dose but instead he gave me Minocycline at 100mg a day. Will i have to wait another month to start seeing the results from Minocycline cause its another anitbiotic or will it just take off from where the doxy left??
  4. thanks mate, im not to sure about doxy either, maybe i need to give it more time. hope it starts working better soon. its making a difference but im not sure how much.
  5. I have been on it for a month tomorrow, and going to see my doc again this week. Going to try and get differin as well as doxyc. Its starting to clear up i think, unless its just another clear time which goes bad again . I got one spot under my lip a couple of days ago quite sore, its came to a white head today so its popped and shouldnt take long to heal. other than that there is a few red marks around my jaw and chin which will hopefuly start to fade away. Ill keep this updated weekly i guess
  6. I dont think it will work for severe, mine is quite mild. maybe if you had a larger dose..
  7. so i have only been on it for 3 weeks? how long should it take to start stopping the break outs? I reckon you should keep taking 200mg unless u where getting side affects with that amount. I started taking 100mg a day now instead of 50mg.
  8. thats sounds real bad, i have been on it for 3 weeks today, think its starting to clear me up "I THINK". None of that stuff that happened to u is happening to me at all, i feel 100% normal when taking it. even if i lay down after taking it dont have any issues.
  9. mmmm, I got a months supply and another appointment witht he doc in about 2 weeks, hopefuly its cleared up a bit more by then. fingers crossed...
  10. not really going to good on the 16th day. was hoping i would be seeing more good things by now. How much longer do i have to wait ??
  11. yeh karma and kate. Im thinking the exact same thing, Same thing happened to me to clear the first little bit on this regimen then down hill. I honestly think you need to cleanse now just with something light, like cetaphil which is ph balanced. Im going back to washing my face Once a day with Water and once a day with cetaphil Ph balanced cleanser or Dermalogica Cleanser and then maybe use a scrub once a week to remove dead skin. And now instead of scrubbing my skin like i used to just massa
  12. what i am seeing is that around the 3 - 7 day mark ppl are seeing good results (they think). Then they keep it up for another week or 2 weeks and around week 3 things start to get a little worse. thats what is happening to me Im getting an outbreak now like i normaly would using face washs. My mum talked me into using a face mask today other than that i have just been using water on my face day and night and 2.5% bp on a few big spots which have popped up. Do you guys think thats alrite? or sho
  13. hope it works the same for me, I have been on it since the 13th of jan, so only 9 days. hoping to start seeing better results around 14 - 21 day mark. woke up and i can feel a blind pimple coming up, its feeling pritty big hopeuly it will go down, its starting to get red atm . hope this works for me to.. my acne is mild im taking 100mg a day
  14. i have got to stop picking the dead skin off my old spots. its soooo hard tho i just get the tweezers and pick off the dead skin and it just leaves and old spot more noticable because its fresher red skin. its soo hard not to touch your skin. Lately i have been getting really really small spots just under my skin not sure if there gona come out or jst stay there and go. u cnt notice them unless i stretch my skin tho, weird havent go them at all before. havent got any more big pimples coming u
  15. anyone got anything else to add? my skin is clearing up already so hopefuly when it fully kicks in it will work wonders, only been taking it for a week.