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  1. Stay on the regimen! It works, but you have to be patient. If you give up now and go back to accutane, you won't ever know if a topical would have worked. It took me a couple months to see significant progress, and other people saw it before I did. Take lots of pictures and remind yourself that this battle will take awhile. It's worth sticking it out! If you want some encouragement, read through my regimen log. The link is in my signature. Good luck!
  2. Hey, did you ever make any progress with the red/dry/flakiness? I was hoping this would work for you!
  3. So, I haven't uploaded pictures in forever. I want to show everyone that this is STILL working for me. These are mostly from late May/early June. I'm usually the one behind the camera, so this is what I've got. 5/22/2011 6/6/2011 6/21/2011 There you go! A full month of clear skin. I do have one healing on my chin right now that was deep and not fun, but it was totally my fault. Not only did I not do the regimen properly, but I was wearing sunscreen and bugspray and working out. I was dumb
  4. Thanks to everyone who has checked in! I am STILL clear. And I mean completely clear. No make up, no concealer, no hormonal breakouts. CLEAR CLEAR CLEAR. For Lent I gave up all makeup except mascara (taking the time to devote to introspection) and I have absolutely no qualms about it. Most of my friends didn't even notice I wasn't wearing makeup. So - here's where I've settled: Morning: cleanse, 1 pump BP, 1 pump moisturizer, sunscreen Evening: cleanse, 1 pump BP, 1 1/2 pumps moisturizer
  5. Hi Linhova! That time period from 1-2 months is the hardest, because it's when all the slow progress happens and you don't see immediate results. But that's because you can't see what's going on under the surface. It takes more than a week for a breakout to surface, so it's likely that all the stuff you have now was forming earlier. BP stops it from forming, so once you're up to full strength (AND GO SLOW FOR THE BEST RESULTS), the results will seem really dramatic. I remember going from broke
  6. Hello my peeps! How is everyone doing?? Things are GREAT for me. This is my last semester of college, and even though I'm super stressed, my skin looks awesome. I haven't been super-dedicated lately with the regimen, but I'm thinking that's ok, because my skin is doing fine. As long as most of the week I'm dedicated, I can skip an app or two of BP. Even hormonal acne has gone way down! My sister has noticed a correlation between the severity of her hormonal acne and the severity of her perio
  7. Keep going, Enry! If you're read and flaky, try backing off on the BP a little bit. You should still be using less than half a pump. If you're using the right amount, try just once a day at night. So many people give up right at the beginning because the regimen Dan outlines makes them red, dry, and/or flaky. Just adjust it to what works for you. It may take longer - it did for me - but in the end, it is so worth it! STICK WITH IT and make it work for you!!
  8. Wow, it's been a long time. I guess that's good news! The regimen is still working very well. I do still get hormonal acne, but the severity has gone down. I don't think it will ever go away unless I get meds for it. I don't think I want to do that though. I'd rather have normal (for me) hormone levels than perfectly clear skin. What I get can be covered. Good news for now, I'm still using mineral makeup and only on my cheeks and chin for coverup. I use it on my nose to even skin tone, but oth
  9. Yeah, I think that was the addition of the avobenzones. But my regular sunscreen has those, and it never caused a problem. (At least I think it does...) At least I can use the Olay on my hands and chest. I never put sunscreen on those areas enough. Anyway, I ordered a 16 oz bottles of the cleanser, BP and moisturizer. I go through the cleanser quite quickly because I've discovered a few different uses for it. It's a great makeup brush cleanser and body wash. I also use it to shave my legs aft
  10. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand we're dropping the Olay. I don't know if it's my cycle, or the moisturizer, but I have 7, yes 7, zits. Only three of which are small and easily popped. The other 4 are large, painful, swollen and ugly. Two on my chin, one on my cheek and one on my cheekbone (which I think might be two because it's so big and painful). I am ordering a large bottle of Dan's moisturizer as we speak. Not having this crap!
  11. Hello people! Well, it's stress time (super busy at work, lots of family stuff, PMS, and classes start tomorrow) but I am holding up pretty well. One larger pimple - probably hormonal - on the side of my chin right now. Not huge, but it's been about 4 days and there's no visible or palpable head. That's kind of annoying. It's probably going to take forever to go away. Pretty much nothing anywhere else, though! Some old stuff is taking a LONG time to fade, and that's annoying. Wish I could spee
  12. HikeLover I might suggest the AHA lotion that is sold here on the site. It's awesome. I was really skeptic - as you can read in this thread - and had some initial purging. But now I wouldn't go without it. And really, in the huge fight against acne, the $16 for the tube isn't too bad.
  13. Oops, sorry! Didn't mean to! I did notice that for the first couple months, but with the AHA it's much better. I do notice that with the BP, I bruise more easily (like when I rub my eyes too hard) and that without moisturizer I look like my skin is way more leathery than it is. It's NOT leathery, it just looks that way. See if you can get some AHA and that might help. My other suggestion is to see what the minimum amount of BP you can use and be happy with your skin. I've dropped down to 1 or
  14. Hey guys! Just wanted to drop in and give y'all an update on the regimen. I've been sticking with it, but having some timing issues because it's summer. Late mornings and even later nights means that sometimes I'm doing the regimen at 2 am and then supposed to again at 9 am. Well, that just doesn't make much sense. So there has been some skipping, but not much. I've settled at about 1-1 1/2 pumps of BP twice daily, AHA at night (every night) and Dan's moisturizer in the morning. I could use m
  15. Helloooooooooo everyone! I hope those of you who have purchased the regimen recently are sticking with it and doing well! Things could not be going better on this end. Just 2 weeks after restarting the regimen with 1 pump BP morning and night, and I can't even tell you guys how much better I look. It's crazy. Seriously, I never thought I would be able to do this. Today I wandered around all day with just mascara on. A few days ago, I barbequed on the patio knowing that the guy I'm interested in