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  1. GISEEELLLLEEE your people need you!! hahaha I finally updated! Almost done WOO
  2. Wow... Has it really been this long??? Day 125!!! So this Friday I go for my 5 month appt. I have a feeling I am going to be extended to a 6 month course but I don't know if that will work out with me being away for most of July w/ this stupid Ipledge! Sooo skin has been great, hence my lack of activity on here! I did still actually have 1 breakout the week of my period in month 4 so that is why I am thinking I may be extended. But otherwise that, it seems like now, in my last month, my body
  3. Day 86 I just HAD to come on here and say how HAPPY I am that I went on Accutane. My skin looks SOOOOOOO Much better. I am also amazed at how much my red marks have faded in the past 2 months. I def. think this is due to the AHA and Green Cream. I have been alternating between using AHA and Green Cream Level 6. It does look like I am going to have soem permanent scarring from the cysts.. but right now I don't even care!!! I am still having the occasional breakout.. but no big deal! My skin fe
  4. Modik -- I had severe acne for about a year in high school. After that year on.. all the way until after college I had spurts of clear skin and mild to moderate acne. Typically I would have moderate acne around fall/winter time. Then.. this year I broke out in severe acne- cysts for the first time since high school. I believe it was due to switching birth control pills or/and the stress of work and not taking care of myself. The severe acne came up all of a sudden within in a month's time lbryg
  5. DAY 68?? Wow! I haven't updated in a while!! Okay... So I went to my 2 month appt the other day.. My derm wanted me to continue alternating between 10/40mg but I basically begged him to switch it back to the full dose I was originally on.. 50 mg a day. So I am baaaackkk. Back to super dry face and lips, I def. didn't miss this lol. But I CANNOOOOOOTTT be on this in July. I am currently in the process of planning a backpacking trip to Europe with my boyfriend... Yeah, I got back together wi
  6. holy crap! You are sooooo being hated on by that guy's ex hahaha. But I mean he obviously met you and fell in loooooooove! haha. Hope Vegas was awesome! and #1 being independent is NOT selfish.. it's empowering!!! I've recently encountered this new feeling of "powerful independent woman" too. Maybe it's something that comes in your 20's? I like it though! (although this feeling did make me feel like I had to be single - hence breaking up with my long term boyfriend - BUT since then, I've reali
  7. DAY 49. So I don't know what is going on with my skin. I feel like it's at a standstill. I can see the red marks are certainly lasting longer already than they normally would before accutane. However I am still working on them with the various treatments I listed above and also I just bought a bottle of that AHA lotion and I am going to start using it tonight. The green cream does seem to be drying out my face a bit (even using it every other night and level 3). I am going to discontinue the
  8. Wow!! I was just browsing through your logs and your pics look great!! What an improvement from when you first started! You must be happy
  9. Day 40 So I seem to be having a bit of a breakout. Might be due to the start of green cream or maybe due to the fact that I decided not to listen to my derm about completely lowering my dose. I went down for a week and then decided for the weekend to bump it back up to 50mg each day. Why can't I ever just listen?? I am not very good at that... As for my BCP...I am waiting to hear back from my derm on switching me... So I am still currently taking the Ortho Lo. Bad idea? I don't know.. but rig
  10. I think you can switch. I figure the derm. doesn't know what i talk about with my obgyn, so he wouldn't know if I switch my pill... But does stuff like that show up in your blood test, like let's say I decide to just go off it, would they know?? Hmm I don't know these things lol I figure as long as you don't have risk factors of getting pregnant for the next few months I would think it would be alright? Janie - I hate that they say just give it 2 more packs! Don't they know that means 2
  11. I am def. going to change back, but I am not sure when. Just so happens my OBGYN is out all week... ugh!! lol It's hard to think about switching, I wouldn't advise it unless you are unhappy with your pill, and considering you're already 2 packs in, maybe stick it out?? I am wondering if Accutane kind of cancels out the effect the pill might have on your skin?? Although I did still break out the week before my period. My skin is kinda blah right now. No cysts though so that is a huuuuge impro
  12. I can't wait for that day either!!!! We should be out and about, enjoying the wonderful things that come with being twentysomethings!! Good luck if you start Accutane!
  13. Here's the thing though... I am on month 4 and my breakouts didn't just change slightly, i got the worst acne I had had in about 9 years... Plus I haven't had cysts in years also.. and this acne consisted of mostly cysts. I read that Ortho Lo has higher progesterone levels and thats why it can cause acne in some. My other pill, just Ortho (not low dose) I have been on since I was 18 (kinda why I wanted to get off it now that I am 23, just feels like a long time...) and I had no problems like thi
  14. I can't seem to get to the end of your log but I read it a few days ago and yeah, the derm said I can increase later in my course, so hopefully that would shorten the extra time I might be on it... but when you get back on here read my last log entry... I just had an epiphany and I need your adviceeee!
  15. OMG... I JUST REALIZED WHY I BROKE OUT IN CYSTS. I am so mad right now. So angry at myself for not realizing this sooner. In November I had my annual at the OBGYN.... She switched my BC to Ortho Tri Cylen Lo, since I was kind of thinking of getting off the pill and this has a lower dose of hormones or whateverrrr. UGH I wish my brain had been working that day and for the past few months. I never thought about the BC effecting my skin... Cuz back then it wasn't a real problem. Well.. Started the