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  1. hey i read your topic on the weather thing. Please let us know about the humidifier bc i really want to know if that works

  2. yes,well I have always been shy anyways.Acne makes me even more so though because it shakes my confidence so much. I have turned down alot of things too to "save face" and I get the feeling people think I'm being snobby when that couldnt be further from the truth!
  3. No,you definitely arent alone.When I get break outs I dont leave my house either unless I have to.Especially during the day (they can be hidden better at night) And it's not just your dr. office receptionist.I LOVE my dermatologist,but the front desk women who answer the phones are the biggest bitches! Is it just me or are ALL dr. office receptionists bitches? How long have you been going to your derm? And the real question is,do you like him? If you dont feel he takes you seriously or isnt s
  4. OMG,that is terrible! Yes,my mom is the same as yours. She used to have acne,now she doesnt, and is completely insensitive to my sister and I who both have it. She is also so completely old school and keeps telling me to do stuff that doesnt work (like go to tanning salons) Did I mention I'm 32 and my mom is 51? When I turned thirty she called me and told me I was old. Honestly,I think she likes putting me down cause it makes her feel better.Maybe it is the same with your mom. I havent t
  5. I would talk with a doctor before trying anything THAT extreme. There was this woman doctor on the show MOST EVIL who killed patients by making them fast and only allowing them broth soup. If you arent careful or dont know what you're doing,you could cause some serious harm to yourself and become lacking in alot of vitamins.
  6. I'm not sure,but I get these every now and then too. I use my zeno on them, take two advil and apply my tretinoin.It either makes it go away or brings it to a head in a day or so. Does it hurt? If you dont have Zeno you could try icing it or using a hot washcloth.then apply whatever it is you use to combat pimples like some BP or retin-A or whatever.
  7. I think yogurt DOES help with acne (even though it's dairy) because it contains live cultures and acidiophilus which are good bacteria your body needs to help fight off bad bacteria.Also,brands like Activa are supposed to help keep your bowel movements moving,and alot of people think their constipation is linked to acne. Really it depends on the person...I dont drink milk at all.But I do eat yogurt.
  8. a pea sized to dime sized amount is about right.Just make sure you use enough to cover your problem areas,but try not to coat it on thick.
  9. I just watched a movie where the girl had on a Yogurt mask.I think I will try it.Thank you for posting this thread
  10. Ok,I didnt look at all the products your derm suggested,but here are my thoughts. Since you are very active in sports,make sure you take a Zinc supplement.Zinc plays a big part in skin health,oil production and hormones,and excess sweating can deplete it from your system.50 mgs a day should be good. Differin can take up to 12 weeks to see the full results...but if you really feel it isnt helping,I would go back to the dermatolgist.usually they set up a follow up appointment with you anyways to
  11. Like many acne meds,the actual cause of action by differin is not fully understood.However,it is supposed to be preventative in keeping pores from getting clogged,and by helping your skin to regenerate collagen. Not only does it help with acne,but it even prevents wrinkles and gets rid of wrinkles that have formed.Older women use a milder form called Renova.Studies have shown people who use retinoids have younger looking skin.
  12. Yes! I'm so agreeing with this post! I think lack of zinc is an issue for me as well.And if antibiotics lessen zinc in your system,it makes even more sense. Alot of other foods compete with zinc too,so it's hard for your body to absorb it. The way people dont always eat that great or on the go and you can see why many would be lacking in this mineral. All I know,is when I take zinc,my skin heals faster,produces less oil,and if and when I do get a zit,it is a minor affair.As soon as I stop,the b
  13. I looove coffee,but whenever I drink it,I break out.The main reason is probably the caffiene. Quotes I got online about coffee causing acne: Caffeine causes two big problems. First it increases triggers in the adrenalin glands to release stress hormones, which increases your stress levels. Too much stress is bad for your health and skin. There are studies linking stress to acne and almost every health condition. Caffeine is an alkaloid that triggers the nerves to boost energy rapidly, but the
  14. I was recommended this face wash (Neostrata facial cleanser) by my derm a few years ago,and I have to tell you,it is the best face wash I have ever used. I'am only not using it right now because The office discontinued it and now I can only order it online and I havent gotten around to it.(skinstore.com or Amazon usually has it) Anyways,the reason it is so superior (in my opinion of course) is because it contains 4% PHA gluconolactone formulation (a POLYHYDROXY acid) which is similar to BHA and