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  1. WHooohooo here are before and after photos in my gallery: BEFORE! AFTER! thanks for the encouragement Kate! Still have a few redmarks from pimples that came after my first treatment, but I'm going Thursday for my second one, so hopefully they will continue to fade fast!
  2. la-


  3. Hey, this is an update! It has been almost three weeks since my Smoothbeam/ V-beam treatment. I'm so amazed! Within a few days I started getting fewer and fewer new pimples. The ones I did get were smaller in size. By the end of week two I was pretty clear, I had a small break out last week but it's pretty much cleared up now! Even the stubborn spots around my mouth are gone!! and my red spots are fading fast! The amount of oil that my skin produces has decreased and my makeup actually looks go
  4. I'm an art teacher for elementary school kids at an art center and at a Montessori school. It's hard! I've never had a kid make a mean comment but I have had the "you've got a lot of freckles" and "what's that?" (pointing to side of my face) but that's only the little ones. Yeah, it's embarrasing but they're little, they don't mean any harm in it. It must not be too gross because I've gotten a couple kiddie smooches on the cheek. I'm on my way to being clear so I'm hoping that's all behind me
  5. hey flip, no I was told that insurance wouldn't cover the treatment, and I don't have any medical insurance anyway so it wasn't an issue. How well did your smoothbeam treatments work for your acne? It sounds like you had some improvement but not total? You ended up deciding to go on accutane after your treatments?
  6. Montana- I've never had a blackhead on my cheeks before so I couldn't say, but I think that it will work on your cheeks because the salicylic acid is the ingredient that does the job. A blackhead is basically dead skin cells and bacteria clogging an open pore. (a closed pore would look more like a whitehead or inflamed pimple) The salicylic acid breaks down the oil and bacteria so it can be cleaned out. If that's the case then technically salicylic acid should work on any blackhead, whether it'
  7. I have friends in England and I've been there a couple of times... I didn't get the impression that women in england were more forward, BUT they are waaay more sexual, especially young teenage girls. So it may be a more passive aggressive way of hooking guys.