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  1. So I am looking into buying a foundation that contains "yogurt powder" I went to see the dermatologist when my acne was at it's worst and he told me to stop eating all dairy because I had a sensitivity to it and start using BP, so basically whenever I eat dairy I breakout in very itchy bumps all over my face, would applying a yogurt powder cause my skin to react too? I wouldn't be ingesting it obviously but because my skin might absorb it or something I'm still unsure about it
  2. I use a little of dan's BP but there are some other key things I know that definitely help my skin and prevent breakouts. You can also try using tea tree oil as a BP substitue. For myself I find that diet plays a huge role in acne. I find that avoiding dairy products, nuts, soy, oranges and onions help to prevent my acne the most. Also things that lead to acne are: stress, lack of sleep and eating too much wheat/gluten. Also try taking a B vitamin and pro biotic (I use ones called pearls) in the
  3. Just to update! I've stopped using tea tree oil on my skin after BP and my skin has no more redness! The burning has gone away, it still may get a little red after application but it's just the BP my skin is sensitive to everything so thanks for the advice! My skin feels a lot better
  4. Well it's definitely red especially after I shower in the morning but it doesn't last for long except at night time. It does go back to normal though by the morning so I think it should be okay hopefully! The website we buy our oils from is youngliving.com where they sell all kinds of essential oils for healing properties. Basically they put a lot of care and research into producing the most gentle yet effective oils for health benefits. I believe they are biblically based, like their inspirati
  5. Spectro Gel is my favorite! However because I am using BP I need a gentle cleanser that will leave some "moisture" to my skin. For dry skin this is good, but yea for oily skin it will just add to the greasy feel I think.
  6. I agree Lily I mean it's a really good TTO like it's not supposed to cause any harm to the skin. But that being said, I am also using BP and using both of them has definitely been too much for my sensitive skin. I've been using this method for maybe 5 months now with red rash like symptoms, would this have caused any permanent damage to my skin being used for so long?
  7. woah I think putting ice on the skin like that would only cause irritation or worse frost bite lol
  8. If your skin is irritated then a hot shower will only aggregate it more. I think I've been using too much product on my skin which has made it red and it does get very red after a shower too. So if your skin is dry either moisturize (if you aren't already) or just be more gentle on your skin
  9. I cut out gluten from my diet and my skin did clear up a little. I also lost a little weight however I was experiencing some stomach issues with avoiding gluten because a lot of gluten free breads contain more sugar to make up for the lack of gluten. In other words to add some substance. I just wasn't getting enough fiber I think. So I didn't think it was very healthy for me so I only eat wheat once a meal now and my digestion is back to normal. I found that eating wheat would only really give m
  10. Yes I use the 2.5% I will eliminate the TTO however I don't think my skin will be as clear but I think I would rather have healthy feeling skin. Thanks!!
  11. No because I've been using BP now for 5 years or so. I just think it's too much for my skin to handle or something? I wonder if I should quit the tea tree oil because I don't experience it with just BP and moisturizer, only after I apply TTO
  12. So recently I've been using a dime amount of Dan's BP at night and in the morning but I was still getting a few pimples here and there. So my mom ordered me this %100 pure tea tree oil (essential oil) from young living website (expensive) anyways it's supposed to be the best tea tree oil out there because of how it's formulated. It's the most natural and safest for skin. So I spread that over my face after the BP only at night and this keep my skin very clear. But I've noticed that when I do tho
  13. So I recently bought Doves Cool moisture foaming cleasner and it works really well. I have dry skin, and after using it my skin wasn't dry at all! The only negative thing is that it really irritates my skin. My face went red afterwards and it stung slightly. Is this just because I've switched cleasners? Other cleansers tend to make my skin dry, but this one really hydrated my skin but irritated it as well.. and I don't know if I should switch cleansers or not... (my skin is naturally really sens