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  1. http://www.southcoastmedspa.com/laser_facelift.html I don't get active breakouts but have some minimal scarring what you think.
  2. I honestly havent had one pimple in it seems like over 6-7 months but all of a sudden 3 days ago this big pimple pops up im not sure if its a cyst... its very very soft and tender doesnt hurt when i touch it but kind of big is that a cyst? how should I kill it?
  3. You can argue that it works or that it doesn't but I don't really care. I've had acne for 4 years and it's never been gone for this long. All ive been doing is playing the cd's, drinking alot of water and taking one multivitamin pill aday thats it. No Acne products no face products and Ive been clear and thats all that matters. I personally think now after spending so much money on products... products were the main reason for my acne It's like stop putting shit on your face lol I think the stuf
  4. I can send you the cd file (You can convert it for whatever) Just remember one of them has to be listened through headphones so you have to burn it your self on a cd. Not through an open network for liability issues just PM me and we can figure out away maybe AIM. Come on guys if you think i am bullshitting why would I been giving you 65 dollars worth for free . It says you only need to listen to it for 30 days then your brain gets used to it but I am going to keep doing it just in case... yeah
  5. well it's weird being under hypnosis because it's like it's telling your brain what to do and you can feel the hypnosis because first they have to get you in a relax mode were you just close your eyes and don't move at all... and you feel your body transforming when they mention a certain part of your body that part pretty much gets paralized and its a weird feeling but I got used to it and they use certain messages its really weird.. but hey it works so i don't care
  6. I think it depends on what you eat to gain weight
  7. No products at all belive it or not hypnosis lol didn't think it would work I researched the best ones and this is what I use http://www.hypno-success.com/acne.htm - that one during the day just lay down relax with your headphones in a cd player for the 30 minute cd (the more you play it the better it works I suggest using it 1-2 hours aday) Then I use ONE more When I go to bed http://www.stevegjones.com/healthcds.htm scroll down and click beautiful skin cd this one You play on either your comp
  8. I never get acne on my forhead but i got my first whitehead right in the middle.... if i dont put any products on it and dont scratch it off will it goaway??? or do i have to do something to it help!!!!!!!!!!
  9. life suxh i just dont get it why some people get acne and why some people never get it there entire life
  10. Coming from a guy's point of view shave those sideburns and fix your gel you don't spike your hair right you could look better but you have really clear skin thats good!
  11. suicide is a cowards way out. Dawg its not the end of the world im guessing your my age 18 everything that you have can be treated and fix you just got to get a job save all the money you get and go step by step spend everything all the money you save on your body and pretty soon a year from now ull be lookin like brad pitt
  12. u just need to get laid any ladies on this forum willing to have sex with him make him feel betta
  13. two bottles is nothing I drink about 8 bottles aday eat alot of fruits make your self a fruit plate.... apples, banannas, grapes,strawberries ect