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  1. i meant, after they take a course of accutane, taking a maintenance dose of like 10mg a day to keep the acne away.
  2. i went to the tazorac website (tazorac.com) and saw that the gel form is recommended for people with oily skin, who are in humid enviorments. why is this? does tazorac gel make your skin less oily? anyone?
  3. did it go away forever? or come back again like after the 1st course of accutane. anyone?? :-k
  4. hey, anyone use this? is it justlike tazorac or retin-A?
  5. hey, ive jsut started to use tazorac and i was wondering if it made you real dry and actually more oily than you were before? does it get better cause my complexion is relatively clear but its all blotchy, no even skin tone. thanks.
  6. i just started with the cleanser, im very happy with the accutane results
  7. hey- i dont have any current acne. this new cleanser is supposed to be the best on the market.
  8. hey guys, apparently there is this new cleanser on the market called Rosula for acne, roscea? and i was just prescribed it after my 5 1/2 months of accutane. has anyone used/is using this? if so, what are your results from it? thanks.
  9. i play d. 1 college soccer and im fine. im taking 80 mg/day. its really worth it. hope this helps.
  10. is this too much to use on my face while im on accutane? i dont have real bad acne but my face is still oily. is this safe? :-k
  11. hey guys, i went to the derm today and they gave me 10 mg a day. i was under the impression that doses were determined by your body weight. im 175 pounds. they said that they've done some studies and its been proven that a lower dosage decreases side effects and works just as well. anyone out there with experience with low doses of accutane?
  12. thanks everyone for the responses. my friend got accutane and he had basically no acne at all so im hoping at my appt. next week that the doc will give it to me. ive gotten so many prescriptions and i just want it to be over with. benzoyl peroxide did help when i was younger so the duac gel might help but i dotn want to waste my time on another prescription when i could be getting this stuff away for real. what is milia by the way? i was lookin close up at my face and i do have a lot of uninflam
  13. do they give accutane to people with not severe acne sufferers like me. i have a ton of little bumps. would they prescribe it then?
  14. if anything my face is oily. i ordered the regulating spray from acnemiracle to help this out. its supposed to unclog pores. does anyone use this to help to actually stop acne?