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  1. I know you haven't been around for a while, but happy birthday anyway!

  2. If you click on the "+Edit" button below your post, then click on "Full Edit" you should be able to do it from there. Give it a go and see what you can do.
  3. I got mine from Tesco. It was with the soy milk, hense why I spotted it. Ive been drinking it on its own and its been fine. Doesnt say anything on the carton about not drinking it alone either.
  4. Thats really interesting JoeBloggs. I have a long history of thyroid problems in my family and have been checked twice- once when I was about 9 and once when I was 19. Both times I was in the clear. I share the same symptoms: - Heat: I much prefer to be cold than hot. Summer is a nightmare for me, especially as they seem to be getting hotter every year. I get very uncomfortable when im in the heat for too long. I have my window open in my bedroom day and night all year round too and people are
  5. So accutane did not work for you? Ya i hate getting up every morning and looking into the mirror too, i try to stay away from them, but i am always wanting and praying to see myself get better so its hard for me to avoid them. I believe we are our own worst critic too and i have to sit back and get myself to think sometimes that it really isnt that bad, but then again i get sick of seeing it period, so its a constant battle for me. I first took accutane for severe acne in 2004. It cleare
  6. I had previously heard that dairy causes breakouts. I think this is definetely something that I should explore. I love cheese so this would be difficult but I would try it anyway. I also thought about cutting down on my sugar because I eat WAY TO MUCH cakes and cookies. I love cheese too. I also love cheesecake which is my favourite food. I have a massive sweet tooth and its very hard to resist sometimes. I work in Starbucks so im surrounded by milk and tasty cakes and pastries all day. It
  7. I was proud of myself when I shaved with the lights on for the first time last summer. Really proud of myself. I think I wrote a bit in my log about it. So any steps that you make, whether thats looking in the mirror or something else, remember to congratulate yourself and be proud of your achievements!
  8. Right now this is where I get the majority of spots. Ok so I dont have acne but I tend to always have a spot right against my lips. And this is the area that bothers me the most. Spots on my cheeks and forehead dont really bother me. Just around my mouth. I have found (see my signature) that dairy is a trigger for my acne, or at least causes breakouts. But only breakouts around my mouth. Not sure why this is. If I was to eat some cheese now I would have a few new spots around my lips within 48
  9. I would go as far as saying that I used to have a fear of mirrors. I would avoid them at all costs no matter what state my skin was in. I went a couple of years with decent skin after I finished on accutane and I still wouldnt look even then. I would shave in the dark and when doing my hair would bend down so that I could only see my hair. Things are a little better now. In the right light I can look in the mirror. I have mirrors that I know I can trust. But I almost certainly wont look into o
  10. Very true! Why does it take a day of the year that is almost forced upon us to appreciate our loved ones?
  11. If there wasnt so much water between us I would so ask you to be my valentine
  12. While Valentines Day is nice for those who have an opportunity to celebrate it, the whole thing is just a gimmick. It's an opportunity for the shops to sell a load of stuff between christmas and easter. I have only celebrated it once with a lady and that was when I was 16. It's just so happenned that ive not been with any other girlfriends around Valentines Day since. Unless some beautiful young princess comes my way I won't be celebrating it this year either. Last year I hung out with my best
  13. Users can't remove their own messages. If you need something removed or moved again then just drop one of us a message and we will happily do it for you
  14. sarahenn please don't duplicate your posts across the boards. Ive removed the other identical thread and left this one as this is in the most appropriate location.
  15. I just found some coconut milk in my local supermarket. I wasnt sure whether to try it as I generally don't like coconut if the taste is too strong. But this is lovely! Really nice! I like the slightly sweet taste too. I'm excited to actually be able to eat cereal now. Cold soy milk is horrible and it just makes cereal go soggy in minutes. I only have soy when its hot with vanilla (a la Starbucks) or when using it to cook. Not sure coconut milk is great for cooking but its great for drinking!