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  1. So I'm all finished with my accutane treatment and could not be happier (havnt had one pimple in 2 months )...but my derm has writte me a prescription for Tazorac he says "its supposed to keep my pores clean" but i was reading reviews online and its sounds JUST like accutane side effects "redness, flaking, itchy, IB" i SO dont wanna go through all that AGAIN so just wondering what all your thoughts were? As of now I'm sticking with the routine I've been doing washing with Prascion and using Cer
  2. thanks hun and yes they are natural just mascara i use lash blast and LOVEEE it
  3. Helllloooo Everyone!!!! So my story in a nutshell...started getting severe acne at 20ish was put on accutane at 21 in late february 20mg's daily got bumped up to 40 mg's daily in April and then got bumped up to 80mg's daily in June and have been on 80mg since. Pretty sure I'm finishing up my last month and I can honestly say going on accutane was the BEST decision I ever made (I really wasnt going to take it I said no the first time my derm offered it to me) but honestly the pictures speak for
  4. thanks alot you guys!!!!! i'm glad i can be any kind of help w/o this website i honestly don't kno if i'd have made it thru the last 6 months...so i should be thanking all of you!!! soooo THANK YOU
  5. im trying to add a link from photobucket for more pics bc this is saying they are too large to add onto this post...im so computer challenged..but i did put up more pics in the "accutane gallery" so they should be posted by tomorrow....im gunna try one more thing see if it works lol Close up, the part of my bottom eyelide where u would put eyeliner gets really red anyone else have that happen?? http://i69.photobucket.com/albums/i63/ettat813/8142.jpg Right Side http://i69.photobucket.com/album
  6. so it's been forever since i've posted...i was without internet for a while but wanted to give a quick update...the last few months have been a rollercoaster for me but im happy to say for the first time in a loooong time i dont have ONE pimple on my face...I'm so happy i decided to take accutane it has given me my life back!!! My skin is not perfect (probably never will be) i have alot of redmarks so if anyone has any recommendations on what may help that would be GREATLY appreciated!!!! hope
  7. first of all your co-worker is a jackass... ...second of all you look fantastic..such huge improvements!!!! i'm so happy for you!! keep ur head up and hope things just keep gettin better for you
  8. thanks demaguil & prettyboy909 DAY 69 So I havn't updated in a whiiiile..been really busy with work and family stuff..The last week was not so great ..i got a HUGGGEEE pimple on the tip of my lip it was SO painful.. all day at work i couldnt think of anything else except the giant throbbing swollen red mass on my lip..so embarassing...I'm getting a little discouraged about the scarring I'm seeing on my face I really hope it goes away I just want normal skin not like a battlefield ya kn
  9. Day 62 Right Side: I HATE this side..all i have to say is YUCK!! Left Side: my cheeks are just the worst...hate them..but you can see the dozen roses my babe got me in the backround..<3 him Forehead: clearing up pretty nice..but lots of leftover reminders, i hope those go away
  10. This was 2 days ago @ work...it shows u 4 of my new pimples, the dry lips, and the lovely pores on my cheeks YUCK i just really hope my skin looks pretty after all this...
  11. Day 62 FINALLY past the 2 month mark and very excited to see how the 3rd month goes...I'm hoping for alot more improvement and REALLY hoping that I get bumped up for the 4th month..there hasn't been much going on I've gotten about 5 new pimples that HURT like hell ya know the deep under the skin red ones that can't be popped EERRR I'm so sickkkk of pimples...lol and I'm sure we all are....I'm getting a lil red kinda looks like a sunburn on my cheeks and my pores are still big on my cheeks and f
  12. I deff don't think you are supposed to run out...Your appoitment should be every 30 days...I'm not sure if it's different for guys but I really don't see why it would be...Maybe you should call your derm today?? My derm actually screwed me up by not filling my prescription in time but it's so much stricter for girls because of the IPledge & pregnancy stuff...so I was on a 19 day lockout period...i was beyond pissed...so give ur Dr. a call see what they say!!! GoodLuck :)