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  1. My skin is extremely dry so I apply moisturiser BEFORE the bp. Yes it still works. Cleanse, moisturise (jojoba oil at night and Aveeno during the day), then BP. At night I apply a thick layer of Cetaphil cream as well after the BP has dried. In the first few months I needed 2-3 layers of Cetaphil each night but now I only need one.
  2. Apply a light moisturiser or jojoba oil BEFORE the bp, just let it sink in first. This reduced dryness for me by like 80%.
  3. My forehead acne cleared up when I started using these: https://www.nipandfab.com/glycolic-fix-daily-cleansing-pads I now use The Regimen though and it's clear on that too. So I would suggest either of these if you haven't tried them.
  4. I had dry skin before starting the regimen too so the BP only made it worse. The solution is to apply moisturiser BEFORE the BP. So cleanse, moisturise (I use jojoba oil at night, and Aveeno lotion during the day), BP, then moisturise again if need be (I use Cetaphil cream). My dryness and flaking was very manageable this way, and my skin still cleared up. Also recommend an application of jojoba oil when you first wake up. Apply and leave for at least 15-20 mins, massage with your fingers t
  5. He really should try the acne.org regimen. It's been a miracle for my skin when nothing else had worked. Read all the reviews on this site.
  6. Have you tried The Regimen? I tried literally everything else as well, nothing worked except the acne.org regimen. The vast majority seem to get good results from it.
  7. I do applications between 10-14 hours apart and have never noticed increased breakouts because of it. I definitely don't stick to exactly 12, that would be almost impossible.
  8. I had very dry skin before starting the regimen and I've been ok, I just have to use a strong moisturiser 2-3 times a day (cetaphil cream) and I also apply several drops of jojoba oil BEFORE putting on BP. So cleanse, jojoba, BP then cetaphil. This has massively helped with dryness.
  9. Hi all, I've been doing the regimen for just over 2.5 months now and am 98% clear most of the time since about the 7 week mark (and the few pimples I do get heal very quickly). However I still break out in red pimples on my chin when I eat lots of sugary foods (including gluten free white bread) and/or any amount of chocolate. (Interestingly my chin wasn't even my problem area before, my cheeks/jawline were.) Should the regimen eventually clear my skin to the point where I can eat what I