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  1. Thanks for the reply, I've already crossed the smaller ones and am now awaiting results.. I will keep you all posted. As for the larger one, I don't know whether or not I can cross this, it does have defined edges but the scar tissue in the middle of the scar is healed just not at level with the rest of the scar.... So I don't know if crossing this would make things better or worse.
  2. I would wait 4 weeks to be safe... that's if you didn't perform a strong cross.
  3. Do you think I could use TCA CROSS for the first Scar? Isn't it a little to big??
  4. Well this is my first post on this website, and I have been reading a lot about different methods for scar treatment.. The first photo is a photo of a scar I got from a cyst.. It is an indented scar... The other photo shows ice picks.. I think? Would TCA Cross work for the ice picks? What type of scar is in the first photo and what would u recommend for treatment? It's a pretty deep scar.... Also would you classify this as mild/moderate/or sever scarring??? Thanks for the input!