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  1. will mixing lemon juice with Dan's cleanser help make the skin look healthier and fade discoloration, scars and what have you? i've been doing a bit of research and read that it does - well using a lemon alone on your skin will supposedly. but i was wondering if i mix it in with my cleanser, will it have the same effect? i dont want to break out even more if i dont use my cleanser and just the lemon by itself. or should i just use the lemon on my face first and then the cleanser after about 15
  2. oh i had the same problem before. All i did was stop putting benzoyl peroxide on my neck and just moisturized it. I mean i still get the ocassional breakout there (tiny ones) but i would rather have them than a sunburned flaky neck. Sorry this response might not help at all, but thats my experience.
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    do you recommend any other products then?
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    ive tried using mederma a long time ago but i didnt really notice a difference...although i havent used it often and for a long period of time im considering going back to it since its the only option i can think of to rid me of my scars...at an affordable price i guess maybe i should do more research but im wondering...does it really work for you guys? or are there any other options? in desperate need of advice
  5. so what you guys are saying is stop using BP for awhile? i dont know...im afraid i might break out again if i dont use BP from the this site how much is that product for hyperpigmentation btw?
  6. how do you know this will work?
  7. i didnt know where else to post this but ive been using benzoyl peroxide alot throughout my teenage years and it had seriously made me darker theres a noticable difference from my face compared to the rest of my body well because thats the only place i use BP i need help badly on how to lighten my face any products? plz help realizing how badly darkened my face has become has made me really depressed
  8. i dont know, im not too comfortable using homemade stuff
  9. i need to minimize my pores on my nose and around there my skin is clear of acne after using the regimen but i wanna make it look a little better the only issues i hav r scars and holes and pores do u guys hav any good products to recommend? mainly for pores? or perhaps holes if that is even possible
  10. oohh i like your every other day schedule thing well ive used the regimen for a little over a month now..just new to forums and other info but yea it helped so no moisturizer needed then...thx
  11. wait im still confused will i get better results if i use the AHA after the BP but before the moisturizer? or is it after moisturizer? or is moisturizer even needed when i have AHA?
  12. thank you that helped alot
  13. well i just got my package of AHA+ today and im really excited to use it tonight but i have a few questions 1. do i have to use it only at night because ive been reading a few threads and they say they only use it at night 2. I use it after moisturizing or replace moisturizing with AHA+? 3. How much should i use? Less than BP all over or as spot treatment? 4. I was hoping it was for acne scars and red marks, will it fade them away? 5. does it work for you guys? thank you..im new heh
  14. ok i have another question.... does using acne products in general cause baggy looking eyes? cuz i i sleep at midnight and i have baggy eyes but i know ppl who sleep way later than that on a daily basis but dont have it all or at least not that bad
  15. what is trenton.. i cant go to a dermatologist...cant afford..and i dont think my doctor deals with this kinda stuff..hard to explain
  16. ok well i hav been using the main products ...cleanser, bp and moisturizer... for about a month or so... it has cleared most of my acne although some appear every now and then but it only stays for about a day or two... i need help with red marks and scars from previous acne.. i have ALOT of scars...and there are alot of red marks too my face has nvr gotten this red until i used the regimen... and help?.. should i use AHA? or something? and what about back acne? sry im sorta new