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  1. I have had Smoothbeam done, and it does really help both active lesions and marks. I did Fotofacial also which helps out scars and marks, but does little for active breakouts. Hey how much improvement did you see from the smoothbeam and fotofacial? How much of the redness did each one take away? Were there improvements in texture or scars? thanks. I have had 3 treatments done about 6 months ago. I would say all my issues are 75% improved. I get red marks and brown marks afterward. Th
  2. I have had Smoothbeam done, and it does really help both active lesions and marks. I did Fotofacial also which helps out scars and marks, but does little for active breakouts.
  3. I did not have good results either.I got a system from Target called Spa Sciences that was cheap and did a decent job, though.
  4. I have had breakouts do exactly as you describe.I started using mandelic acid, an AHA which helps peeling and unclogging the skin.Nucelle.com has mandelic acid products, but if you skin isn't too sensitive, you could go glycolic acid products which are bit less costly.
  5. You could dermatitis or eczema also.Seeing a dermatologist would be a good idea since some disorders look similar, but the causes and treatments are vastly different.
  6. I like some of Murad products, but I agree the SA of their products is nothing new esp at the high prices.I use Nucelle's mandelic acid with some 2.5% BP, and I am clear even of my stubborn cysts on my chin.I hate any products that don't say up front exactly what the active ingredients are.Those kind of marketers know they are doing and knowing they will reel in some folks out of desperation.
  7. I have put this in other posts.When I was in college I was strict vegan.And, not a junk food vegetarian either.I consumed no stimulants, and I ran 5 miles a day.I still had acne.I still have a pretty healthy lifestyle.For me. topicals have done what diet could not.I don't say there is no link between diet and acne for some, but there is not for me.All of know someone who lives a trash lifestyle yet has flawless skin.There is a gal who works for me who lives on the diet you describe and smokes a
  8. I normally come out in favor of supplements, but at the astronomically high levels I've read for this B-5 program and the distress it causes the gut, I would be very cautious.The B vitamins are not fat soluble, but many nutrients are absorbed in the gut, so creating an imbalance while not toxic, may create other problems with an individual's health and nutrition.
  9. I sometimes get breakouts around the holidays due to all the stress, which may also be contributing to your problems.I'm no professional, but the only time I binge on a bag of any food is because I'm stressed out.I gotta go back to work to today, but I did sleep really late which I think is the best rejuvenation for whatever ails you.GO CHARGERS !!!!
  10. I have problems with bruising from taking aspirin but I have not had that experience at all with the mino.I take vitamin c and that really helps with bruising.I take 1000 mgs acid buffered and time released. GNC and Vitamin Shoppe have good brands at decent prices.
  11. Emu oil I think works better than the Neosporin.A good healthfood store should carry it.If you get that urge to pick again...ice it down first and don't force a pimple that isn't ready to go.Have a nice holiday, Lauramarie.
  12. I have lived in places with fluoride in the water and without, and for me it made little difference.
  13. Accutane is certainly an option you could look into. Has a derm ever tried a combo of retinA say at night, and a topical BP/antibiotic like Benzamycin during the day?It might help with the inflamed papules.A number of derms even try that combo to prep you for accutane.Minocycline or doxycycline can help with the inflamed lesions and are also a good prep for accutane should you decide to take it.
  14. I am really oily and I seldom need to moisturize.In the coldest parts of the winter I do two things, I rotate out the bp for SA once every other day, and I do moisturize.I recently discovered NaPCA with Aloe Vera from Twinlab.It is a very light nonoily spray that pulls moisture out of the air.I got it at the Vitamin Shoppe.
  15. For males if you are reasonably healthy and if you don't ejaculate Mother Nature will take care of it for you.(ie night emissions).Guys who are young and healthy are supposed to have fairly regular sexual release.The stress of trying not to do so is probably worse for you.