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  1. I have light-mild acne, however it seems whenever I reduce the inflammation of a pimple TOO quickly, it always leaves a red mark behind. Sometimes if I use an acne product that is too harsh on my skin, the pimple will leave a mark behind. Sometimes I won't even put any product on a pimple, nor will i touch it, and it will still levae a small mark behind. And obviously whenever I pop a pimple, it leaves a mark behind. What is the best way to PREVENT red marks from forming and still get rid of pes
  2. How the hell do you fade these marks? I am breaking out again! Has anyone tried stievamycin mild gel? I got it from the doctors but I am wary of using it because i don't want to break out even more. PLEASE just help me i am DESPERATE and SICK AND TIRED of having acne and anything associated with acne. my siblings have completely clear skin and i am the only one in the family who has acne. PLEASE just help me clear these marks. i have been using Olive oil for the past 2 weeks and it has seemed to
  3. So, i've been creeping around this forum for a while and most posts seem pretty inconclusive. I was hoping that someone could post their success story and list what they used ? I'm desperate and I need suggestions. I have red marks all over the left side of my cheek and I odn't know what to use! I've started with Kojic acid right now, and as of last night I have been using the Vichy Normaderm Hydrating Care as well as their concentrated spot treatment, all over the affected area. It seems to h