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  1. I've been shedding since december. I started noticing less shedding last month.. my specialist said it was a sign that the TE was ending. Now I'm noticing the shedding has increased almost to the point it was in the beginning. Are changes like this a good sign? Are these likely signs of TE or AA? I've also had scalp irritation, itching/burning when I skip a shower. THANKS
  2. Is it normal to lose over 100 strands a day with aa? Is the bulb at the end of the strand meaningless? If I do have aa, what do I do next? I read aa can also stop after a few months when the cause has been stopped..
  3. the hair that im shedding is tapered down to the root. my derm says the bulb at the end means its telogen efluvium. but since it gets thin towards the bottom like an exclamation mark.. isnt that a sign of aa? my scalp has also been itching! any help?
  4. im about 2 months in to the shedding after stopping accutane. it seems to be getting worse. my derm keeps saying every case shes seen has reversed and not to worry, but im really worried!! is this true, do most cases actually reverse?
  5. I was wondering if you could offer me some help with my hair loss. Im shedding pretty good right now, this is my 3rd week in after taking 50mg accutane for 6 months. What would you suggest I do in these early stages? Is it possible that accutane can cause both TE and AA? Is my hairloss most likely AA as well? I wear my hair pretty long, would it be wise to cut it short to minimize the hair loss?
  6. spent a few hours reading from the beginning of this post. im wondering if anyone has actually stopped shedding? has anyone had any positive results? im 2 weeks in to the hair loss so im trying to get some perspective.. but it seems like once you start shedding... its probably going to continue for almost a year? has anyone here actually stopped shedding hair and started to grow it back after a year? also, I wanted to say thanks to everyone who has posted here. lamar, andy, mikey, ithappens,
  7. Could you tell me about your hair loss? I'm wondering if its more likely for mine to stop or keep falling out. From what I've read, most similar cases just keep losing their hair for months and never get it back.
  8. ive been taking 50mg accutane for just about 6 months, ended on the 15th of december. around this time i started to notice my hair falling out. i lose 2-3 strands every time i run my hand through my hair, and tons more during the day and when im in the shower. id estimate maybe 150-300 strands a day. ive been reading a lot of posts online about this being permanent. does anyone have any idea how common it is for this to stop? or if its actually started falling out then im just doomed to loose my