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  1. So basically, I come here to post every once in a while, to vent, to cry, to express my good days, my bad, and anything and everything inbetween. I recently went on a 6 month course of acne which left me scarred on my cheeks and neck, along with the accutane "glow" (red knuckles, red face, red arms) This along with the fact that I blush very easily (and not to mention I blush alot because I'm not a very social person) have led to me being labeled as that "pink" kid. Now I've been off of the
  2. I know I am. I've never had a valentine in my life, (17 years old now) and it looks like this year won't be any different. I'm not so sad about it anymore, the only thing I don't like is everyone knowing. 4th period, on the day of, or the day closest to, valentine's day everyone gets valentines. Some are anonymous, some aren't. The school charges $1 a valentine and delivers them all 4th period. For the past 2 years of highschool, I have had the lucky oppurtunity of being the only kid in my
  3. All I really have left is some acne on the sides of my neck, and I should be happy. But i'm not. At all. I looked in the mirror this morning to notice the huge amount of scarring on my face. Not only that, but I have a "pink complexion." Its like rosacea (sp?) where my face is always red, my nuckles, my arms, my fingers. I used to have a normal non pale skin tone, and ever since acne hit me back in 06 my skin has been bright red. I know accutane makes my skin so much "brighter" but after b
  4. I'm on my 4th month of accutane, and will be done in February. I've had acne since the beginning of 8th grade and still have it now as a Junior in highschool. I literally tried everything from nothing, to proactive, to every prescription, to wive's tales. Since around 9th grade my skin has become bright red all over, not only my face but my arms as well, because of all the medications. I have always blushed really easily, but i had normal skin tone before all this. Now as most of you know,
  5. Acne has caused me to become such an unsocial hermit. In the past 3 years, I've gone to one party, kissed 0 girls, had 0 valentines, had 0 compliments from any girl, an just came home and sat inside every day. I never hang out with friends. Even worse, when my friends actually want to be seen out in public with me, my parents wont let me go. Highschool is supposed to be about memories, and fun times. Instead, I have no memories at all. Every single weekend my friends are out, and come ba
  6. I'm a junior, and today I realized I have very few memories of good times with friends or anything in highschool. I've been to a whopping ONE party in the past 3 years, haven't gone on a date, or kissed a girl since 8th grade. These are supposed to be the funnest 4 years of my life. Girls, parties, finding my true friends. Instead, I find myself inside at all times, and just doing homework or zoning. Even with all this time alone, I'm still only with a class rank of 69 (i know right?) out of
  7. I've really been thinking about if my life will really better once I'm clear. I will have scars, I still still my bright pink color. And not only that, most of us with acne have such bad social skill its rediculous. I can't hold conversations with my friends, let alone a girl. I'm always told how sweet I am. But that's from girls I've never even met. I keep old myspace pics up so girls think I have clear skin. They want to chill all the time, but I know I look nothing like I do in my pict
  8. I just realized, that even once this accutane clears up my skin (if it even does) I'm going to be plagued with scars. And even if they find a way to get rid of scars, my skin tone is bright pink. And no not only on my face, I have bright pink arms, and face. I blush over nothing, and I look like a tomato at all times. Life just seems to be a constant circle of bullshit and sadness once you have ance. With no escape
  9. So today was a minimum day. Out at like 11:30 or something. Me and 7-8 friends pile into some cars and just go eat and chipotle. First time in like FOREVER, a girl actually comes up to me to say hi. It may seem like nothing, but confident boosting is good enough for me haa. Also, in 2nd period this girl with flawless skin complimented on my skin. First time that's ever happened to me ever. Anyways, just figured it all goes to show that eventually you'll have a good day. Tomorrow may be a
  10. and of course I'm going back with even worse acne then I left with. I start in 10 days, I have no new clothes or shoes, and I doubt I'll even be able to find any. I'm going to show up on the first day of school plain and boring with horrible acne. I don't understand why acne is even here on this Earth. All it does is ruin my life. I'm 16. I rarely go outside. I just sit inside on my computer and video games all day. I'm scared around girls, and I've only kissed one girl in my whole life.
  11. So basically in the past week me, my 2 friends, and one of my friends cousin went "ghost hunting." Basically we just drove around at like 11-4 AM going to abandoned mansions and stuff in my town and taking some creepy ass pics. I am the one driving its my car ha. Anyways, we stopped at a couple girls houses just to say high and shit but none of them could go out. So my friend who set it all up wants to go again cause it was fun. It was actually the only time I've had fun with friends all su
  12. Acne wasn't so bad when I was younger. But now as I grow older it seems like everything I do is now made worse by my acne. Especially in this last week. First, its summer and it is my first summer being 16 so my mom said go get a job or you have to work in the yard every day. So of course I went job hunting. I get all dressed up (Shirt, Tie, Dress Pants, etc etc.) just to pick up applications, drop off applications, anything at all really. But, every place has called back and said that the
  13. Me and her were supposed to go on this double date thing with my friend and his girl, but I bailed because of my skin. So we just started texting ha.
  14. Today, I finally decided I'm done with this day to day bullshit. So here's what happened. I've been texting this girl on and off for a while. Just small talk, nothing major since we've never met. Anyways, she tells me she's switching from her school, to mine. (There is only 2 schools in my town.) So I'm like oh, thats nice we should hang out and stuff. So she starts talking about how her cousin showed her a picture of me. Now, in that picture my skin looked really good. Not sure why,