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  1. First of all I sympathize and have experienced many of the feelings going on here, and to be honest, you guys encouraged me to make an account so I can reply to this and let everyone know that one more person understands exactly how you are feeling! exactly! but read on, i know its long, but i hope beneficial! I have had acne since I was in 7th grade, it started with my forehead, which was fine, it bugged me but I just always wore hats..then it spread..to my cheeks! This was terrible. There is n
  2. sorry i would help if i could but i have no idea, but it seems like a good idea...i heard zac efron uses emu oil lol anyways, i am wondering if you can use it AFTER the AHA or like, maybe during the day mixed with a moisturizer...or something? i dont know im considering doing something like that too.
  3. im sorry to hear this! i hope everything works out for you. i'm having a rough time with acne scarring and saw your post because i really want to do the fraxel repair, but...the fact that some people are seeing results right away bt 6 months or so later it goes right back to how it was kinda scares me, my mom will literally shit a brick if she finds out that i spent $5,000 on something that doesnt have a permanent result. she already yelled at me earlier today just for bringing it up. :/ but any