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  1. oh lionheart u sound like a complete dickhead id really lov to see u call me a whiney lil faggot to my face coz if u did ud have alot more thn acne to worry about any way have a good day
  2. i dont give a flying monkey fuck if u think this thread is stupid i mean im just trying to break sum ice here ppl! anyone in this thread feel free to add some of ur own questions i mean my questions wernt tht cool lol but far out hmmm i wouldnt mind gettin sum email addys if u have msn or yahoo then we can really chat
  3. this is my attempt to make the best thread and i hope everyone finds it interesting. ok now im gonna list a series of questions and i want everyone in here to answer so tht we all get to knw who each other is a lil bit 1. name 2.age 3.ur sex 4. do u think elsa pic looks hot 5.best movie uve seen lately 6.favourite animal 7. sexiest person u knw my answers: 1.matt 2. 20 3.male 4.oh fuck yes 5.pleasentville 6.horse 7.myself
  4. yer but isnt subum caused by hair folicules and honestly i find i have less spots when i constantly shave lil man
  5. does anyone notice if they regulary shave there acne starts fading away?well tht seems to be the case and if so does anyone knw why or is this lil theory crap. the other day i had a shave and my acne fleared right up and my flatmate says ur acne real bad and i felt like saying yer i fucken know dipshit!! far sumtimes i can just see people glaring its a pain, especially with girls i like, anyway im just feeling down down,needed to right it so yeah wateva. everything i write has already been writt
  6. i think it really comes downt to the gurl, i mean i have acne but i have been with what i consider some really sexc gurls and was thouroughly suprised tht theyd want me but they still managed to look past my acne and think i was hot and then there is the otha type of gurl who is a superficial lil bitch who wont even look at u sideways if u dont look like brad pitt,beleieve me these kinnda gurls are not worth it.ANYWAY I THINK U SHOULD JUST GIVE IT A GO! i mean wats the wrst tht could happen she
  7. i have always thought tht if i get rid of my acne tht life would be perfect! gurls would flock to me in ridiculous masses, money would start growing of trees, i would have my face plastered all over bill boards across the world.But the other nite i was thinkin if my acne was gone what would really change?? i mean id look better but would i would still have a shit load of problems! im kinnda gettin at ppl need to focus on things on the inside rather thn just their acne and beleive me i have acne
  8. i havent been swimming in a public pool or taken my shirt off in front of anyone for ages and this is coz i have acne all ova my chest and back. its so fucken embarrising and it sucks coz anytime my mates wanna go swimmin i have to say no ! i could never imagine fuckin with the lights on or even just lettin a girl see my body it sux i was wondering if anyone else out there has the dreaded body acne or knws like a good method about gettin rid of it or any simmilar stories
  9. yer school is a bitch i remember gettin all sorts of pathetic crap from the so called cool crowd! well im 20 yrs old now and thse ppl dont mean shit in my life as i have heaps of good mates tht i have made and had sum luck with the ladies and ive done this with acne on my face and all over my body
  10. it so good u feel this way, it even makes me feel good just hearing how good u feel. so before u sterted to feel this good were u feeling crap,has ur good feeling came from nowhere?? wats brouught it on id be interested to hear
  11. it fucks me off when people get picked on so keep the dog comments to urself coz it makes u sound like a cruel hearted lil bitch