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  1. HEY! I had scars just like you on my cheeks...im 20 and i randomly got bad acne about 2 years ago and i have been doing everything i can to clear up the scars. Im still in the process of treatments but my face is at least 90% better, the deep scars i had are almost all gone. Its been a little over a year since my first chemical peel but i have done a few different things since then. First.. I started off with a few chemical peels and i didnt really see much improvement. ...so i started d
  2. I have had really bad acne for about 10 months now..i used prescriptions and salycilic acid peels to get rid of the acne, and now that 90% of that is gone, i have horrible, horrible scars. none of them are TOO pitted, but they are a little, it is mainly really dark red marks, so after the acne was under control i started on vitalize peels and i think that is the only thing that has really helped my skin since i started all of these peels. they are AMAZING, i was really red the first day, the sec
  3. Yeah your right, i just dont know, before i get back on it im going to just talk to my derm and ask him what other options there are.
  4. im actually going to start getting back on it this month. hopefully that will stop this problem!
  5. I actually also use BP and SA together, it works AMAZING, i didnt know you werent supposed to but one night my pimples were so bad i used a 5% BP face wash and then Skin Ceuticals SA and i woke up and the huge pimples were SO much better, they work really good together
  6. Your acne is exactly how mine is, and i had completly clear skin before i got on ortho trycycline birth control, and it was fine during birth control and the month i got off of it my face went CRAZY, i was so depressed and refused to leave my house, make up made it look worse because you could tell i was trying to cover it up, i use the 5% BP wash also, and that helped a little, the doxycyline pills helped me ALOT, it took about 3 months for me to see a difference though, my acne is mainly gone
  7. i just use neutregena make up remover cloths, they take the make up right off and then i wash my face with my facewash.
  8. Ok so i am 19 years old and i have never had acne before, it all of a sudden came up right after i got off of my birth control, my dermatoligist said it was just coincidental but i think otherwise because i have always had very clear skin. It has gotten so bad, everytime i go anywhere and i see friends i havent seen in a few months they are all like "Wow what happened to your face?" because they all know how my skin used to be, its driving me crazy and i have tried so many things! i feel like i