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  1. Hi! I just added you as a friend... I have pics posted so you can see my acne. Where can I buy turmeric? I can send u a message including my location because I really want to try the turmeric - I am ALL about all natural products now.

  2. hey this stuff it really hard to put on the face. It say a thin layer but i can't even make a thin layer it like a ice cream u can't put it on the face. Do u have to rub it in to dry? It make my face so red.
  3. Oh my god this cream it can last of to a year since the instruction say only put a little bit at night for the whole face. If i buy only 1 my whole family can also use it or share it and 40 buck it just to cheap. But i want know why it to hard to put it on the face since it the cream not the lotion. I think people should stop doing peel to peel out they pretty skin. Skin whiteing and turmeric it the key success for red mark,dark mark and scar from acne.
  4. hey pogiboi did u use the soap also or just the cream because the cream i got it kind mess to put it on the face. Can u give detail how to use it and how do u get result from it please share more story about your success about this cream. Thank you!
  5. Oh yea this topic was 2007 http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Improveme...21#entry2021521 that show u got alot bad red mark. But this topic it 2008 show u got clear skin so i bet 1 year can fade all your red mark U got lucky!
  6. Man this guy it crazy come this forum try post clear skin pic are u try make fun of acne people? I think someone need delete this post or remove this person nick. We don't need reply on this topic.
  7. 4oz it kind a good price for 40 dollar. Buy dan product only cure your acne but not your scar. pogiboi i have read all his forum he it correct this product can really fade away red mark or dark mark by acne. Because it a skin whiteing cream will i only try turmeric but thanks for the product u post i think people should try this and turmeric if u have problem with acne or scar.
  8. Thank You= ) your word it help me feel good. I been going alot pain about acne and acne scar for 6 year too. But i know something that will work and fade my acne and scar. That it call turmeric will if u don't want to have yellow stain use turmeric i suggest u use the 24k gold turmeric cream =) Good luck!
  9. Yes i did copy and paste it to show how effect of 24 gold turmeric same as turmeric. If u don't use it, it of to u. I just try help and post treatment to help please stop asking me dumb question. I ain't going post again. I guess helping it just not good in this world no more.
  10. I don't have to waste my time in here and try write something that cure acne scar or acne. I don't need to and i can do something else instead go to acne.org keep post new idea to help u or anyone in here. Your rude comment it dumb.
  11. I try help and someone it just to rude i am confused too. Why would u try copy what i try say in the last topic post it here retaliate? effu why do u try cuss someone that try help u if u say turmeric it not help u and make u worse acne u are liar and wrong. Search over the internet about turmeric they are cure acne and acne scar. People say they got problem use turmeric and the yellow stain. So i came of a new treatment 24k gold turmeric that same effect as the root or the powder without l
  12. Tca peel it not for every skintone if u use wrong skintone it will make your skintone to dark patch and it hard to recovery from it. If u do alot layer like that it will leave even scar that u don't know, try 1 layer at a time even low percent can fry your face. Tca peel will help dark spot lighted like skin bleaching cream but it will not take away the dark spot. The only way to fade dark spot it to keep use bleaching cream and wear sunblock. Peel are not good because if u not careful wear sun
  13. If u have a hard problem use this turmeric please go to another post here http://www.acne.org/messageboard/24k-gold-...54#entry2511854 Thank you!
  14. It depend on your skin or other people skin if your red mark or dark spot it old like a year or 2 your result will be 2 month. About full result like u say u have to keep use it until the mark gone. No one in the world would fade mark in a day or month because it almost a scar. But just don't give up hope if u drink vitamin c pill that u get from the doctor and Exercise. I think full result will be month. I get full result if i eat right and exercise the stuff will work faster. Stop get str
  15. Alot people pm me about how to use the root of turmeric or the powder or try take the stain of. I keep answer your answer question but your may not understand. Okie so i came of new treatment same as the root or turmeric it call 24k gold turmeric cream. U will get same result as turmeric,here it the topic about it. http://longhaircareforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=28289 here where to buy it http://www.naturalplaza.com/user_productli...mp;txtprodsrch=