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  1. brittany2792

    New to Site But Not to Acne!

    Hey everyone ma names Brittany and i'm an african american female and ive been living wit acne for almost 6 years now Well now that my acne has passed wats left that affects mi the most are my scars and discoloration of my skin. I've tried several skin lightening treatments such as Porcelana, Scarzone, and even Proactiv. None to which really seems to show much results. I just joined this site to try and get some help and some answers. What should i do?
  2. i use porcelana a fade dark spot skin cream and a skin moisturizer called scarzone most of the time

    1. I mean what do you do for your acne=regimen. Your daily routine.

      1. hey thank u by the way im brittany and this prolly is a silly question but wat do u mean by regimen?

        1. brittany2792

          My Skin Now 1/1/09

          This is presently my skin now. And these are the scars and discoloration from where my acne use to be.
        2. brittany2792

          Ya girl Breezie

          This is me on a regular basis, and how I look made up