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  1. Well everyone I think I have finally figured this shit out! lil background: I have struggled with acne for several years now. Started on my face and gradually moved to my back/chest thru high school. On my face it was never really all that severe and my derm only issued me a perscription b/c of my body acne. Well that took care of everything.. belive it was mino. Of course once i ran out the acne returned... same old shit you hear from everyone on here. Again though my face wasnt that bad as f
  2. I found the C&C blackhead scrub in conjunction with the C&C continuous control has definitely made a dramatic impact on the number of blackheads i have! Check out blochas regimen.
  3. My skin as greatly improved using blochas regimen and only washing my face at night. Or if my skin is unusually oily I will only use water and pat dry. I believe over washing really irritated my face which cause a lot of the redness and flaking leading to acne. Also I have been eating up to 4 apples/ day in the past few weeks recently and while i cant say for sure if its really having any effect on my skin.... it sure cant hurt! So within nearly 2 weeks I had zero cysts where id typically ha
  4. I have 1 quetion.... how do you know your skin was flawless if you didnt own a mirror to prove it?
  5. You look like a great candidate for Retin-A micro. It will help lift off the old skin so the white heads dont form as easily. Have you tried simply scrubbing a bit harder on your face to keep the old dead skin buffed away?
  6. For those wondering. The stuff to get is Braggs... you can find it at GNC or probably any health food store.
  7. Mino also worked awesome for me to clear up mild-moderate acne on my face and extensive acne on my back/chest area. Got me 100% clear within a month or 2 if I remember right. Really amazing stuff! Only downside for me however and as it appears for a lot of people is that once your prescription runs out, the acne will return just as bad if not worse than before. So if its short term results you want then you wont be disappointed. Also I was put on mino 3 times maybe and this last time I was 100%
  8. My deal is, I ONLY have cysts... its so depressing! At any given moment I will have like 3 at a time. They will swell and fade and swell and fade until I finally give them a good squeeze at which time they look their worst just before finally healing. This is basically the story of my life as I know it. Whats just as odd is that I ONLY have acne on my forehead and basically nowhere else. I will get maybe 2 zits a month on the rest of my face but my forehead is where Ill get several cysts at a ti
  9. I did 3 liver flushes over the summer with "good" results. Meaning I passed probably several hundred green, floating stone-like objects of which other people call liver/gall stones. The epsom salts tastes so incredibly bad I dont believe I could do another even if there was scientific evidense to support flushing CURES acne. And lastly I noticed absolutely no difference in my skin in my post-flush daily life.
  10. I just use a Q-tip and dip it into the bottle and then apply to my face in the trouble areas. What is really interesting is that I actually havent had any new active acne since I have used this. Only negative side effect is that it dries out your skin but not any worse than BP in my opinion. Apparently the ACV restores the PH of your skin which creates an environment unpleasant to bacteria.. maybe that is why I have no new acne. Only time will tell if this stuff actually does any good so for now
  11. I am using it full strength too but I mixed some 50% which Ill be using from now on. As for what I does for MY skin.... it just smooths it all out and healed some old active acne very fast. Basically I only use it on my forhead though b/c thats the only place I have acne so I am not exactly how id react to it on my cheeks.
  12. Holy cow I am impressed at the reduction in redness and healing ability of this stuff!! Its truely amazing... wish I had found it sooner. Right now I am using Dans BP as well as the Blochas(sp) regimine and really havent had much luck to speak of. Things are pretty much the same... maybe slight reduction but ive only been using them for 3 weeks max. As for which brand of the ACV to use. I went to the local grocery store and could only find the purified and filtered stuff so I passed on that a