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  1. how did you start when you started BP? if you have a history of sensitivity to BP.. ease into it.. slowly 2.5% strength.. start at 15 minutes then wash off(then double the time each night for 5 days) on the 6th day try an overnighter and see how that goes.. and use moisturizer after washing off the BP
  2. yeah.. you could.. just follow this formula ( X / 2.5 ) X ( (how much you need to make)/10 ) so essentially yeah it is just 3 parts base to one part 10% BP but as the person above said.. those creams have other fillers which often help keep the cream good until expiry and some even help with moisturizing properties.. this isnt exactly the same as mixing a cream from powder.. in any case... if it changes color chuck it.. compounds usually last between 1-3 months b4 they go
  3. just avoid multivitamins with high dosages of vitamin b6,b12 and iodide.. those trigger acne
  4. i work at a pharmacy (i have acne too :/) well anyways.. 3 years ago i used BP and it made my skin itchy and red (all that stuff) so i decided i was allergic to it and havent touched it since.. until now.. when one of the pharmacists got a magazine and on the cover had an article about acne and how to treat.. well long story short i read it and decided to give BP another go.. BP doesnt make my skin itch,get red or flake anymore.. it just depends on how you go about using the stuff.. 1. cetaph
  5. woo oil sheets!! lol i love the box design how it gets u one sheet out of that package.. and it does make ur face les oily..
  6. omgz!! i hate when that happens!! damn nose pimples i had one and it came up!!.. MOST NOTICABLE ON THE FACE >< its been a red circle for 2 and a half months now >< slowly slowly fading away T_T
  7. hmm i dont really like it.. =/ the shape of the soap makes it a bitch to lather up shape is like )( cept thicker the stuff smells nasty the stuff is a bitch to wash off only good part is it will last a long time and its cheap ill stick to my cetaphil soap
  8. u shoulda told him.. open up kazaa or any other downloading program and type "cum" in the search dl anything that has Male+cum together in the same file problem solved
  9. CRAP >< i do onlyone of those things xD *steals my rabbit's carrot's*
  10. lmao imagine someone fapped on their face and applied it.. forgot about it.. and went to work xD Skit : Supermarket Boy =D hey where do i find the cream cheese? o wait nvm its on your face Super Market Boy: .... OWNED
  11. ive seen the video many times b4 Thanks Dan hmm from what ive been hearing u rub until the white is gone.. for my the white is gone when the slip is gone so i guess i am doin it correctly to answer question of guy 2 spaces ^ everywhere is the same but it seems ive been doin it ok so its all good thanks for all ur help everyone ^^
  12. ya ive seen it many many times xD cant really see whats happening tho and what hes feeling.. :S for me its smooth gliding then after a while the gliding gets stopped and i cant rub anymore because if i do it just stays in one place and moves my cheek around xD after the BP hits the stopping stage it doesnt look VERY white o well thanks for ur attempt ^^ i appreciate it greatly