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  1. I really think exercising does help a great deal. Your body went from regular physical activity to non-existent not to mention that in college there's stress, bad eating habits and lack of sleep. All these can be associated with acne. I'm sure if you start and stick to a daily regimen like getting at least 6-7 hours of sleep, eating real food (& drinking plenty of water) and exercising atleast 2 to 3 time a week you'll start to see you body flushing those toxins out and overall repairing
  2. Thanks...after that last visit I think I will start looking for a new doc. Besides all the stuff he prescribes gives me rashes
  3. oh yeah...same here. I wait for him to see me for like 20 mins. and then I go in and I'm out really quick! I feel like when I talk he wants me to hurry and shut up b/c he always interrupts. Next time I'll say I want my $40 copay's worth of time
  4. Went to the Derm yesterday and he scolded me for even thinking about going on herbal supplements. I told him i have recently stopped eating bread and pastas (gluten) and that I have noticed that I do not break out as often and he said there's no correlation. I kept bringing up different things I'm doing like drinking tea and eating right and he pretty much just told me I shouldn't even bother! I wanted to kick his face in!! He also said there's nothing to help my scarring and that I'll have t
  5. know what? I have not been sick in years!!! I did have a cold once and while I was sick...no breakouts!! CRAZY?
  6. I'm sorry to hear you're having this problem. My husband and I are tryin to get pregnant but I am also worried about the acne since I have suffered with it for almost 10 yrs now. I have been trying to go all natural so when I do get pregnant i can maybe keep the breakouts under control. The good news is that I have done some research and most pregnancy sites say the acne WILL go away towards the end of your pregnancy. Here are some tips that might help but please ask your OB first drinking
  7. My skin looks very similar to yours...tried proactive which did not work, accutane works but then it comes back once you stop. I bet your skin is combination, only oily on your T zone like me...what seems to work for me are sulfur based products. If you're not trying to get preggers Birth Control and Spironoloctone (sp?) also cleared me up.
  8. I'm from Texas where the weather changes everyday! I went to CA about two weeks ago and noticed that while I was over there I didn't break out not once. When I came back I was clear for about three days but then started breaking out even worse. It must be like a climate shock to your face or something. I would do anything to wake up with clear skin!
  9. Hi, I'm new to this site but not new to acne. I have had ALL kinds of acne since I was about 16, am 24 now. I currently have severe cystic acne that is painful and leaves deep red marks and scars that don't seem to go away. I break out everyday! I have been on accutane once which cleared me up, but shortly after I got off I broke out even worse and I think the accutane had negative side effects on my body. My Derm then put me on Birth Control & Spironolactone which cleared me back up