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i love sarah

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  1. i love sarah

    Retin A and uncertainty

    Retin a works for me
  2. i love sarah

    girls i need help

    i just need some help last nite sarah freaked about her ex ( sarahs a friend i like) i just wnat to make her better i nkow i am a fool and i should never get her she is so beaitful her hair her eyes but most of all her. guys girls i need some help on how to make her happy without being werid
  3. i love sarah

    girls i need help

    sounds like you know her really well for a long time. do you two hang out a lot? so what other vibe you're getting from her? i have known her forever. i hang with her all the time. i think she wants me in her arms
  4. i love sarah

    girls i need help

    shes ready i know her
  5. i love sarah

    girls i need help

    please i need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. ok this girl named sarah who i love is sitting at the other corner of this room she just got over her bf he dumped her for gay reasons girls what should i do. go up to her and:::::::: I NEED HELP I LOVED HER FOREVER
  7. i love sarah

    need some cheering up

    thanks alot everyone not but thank you faithhope please i am still sad
  8. i dont feel like i belong here on earth why do i breathe. i really have no friends i am a loner its friday nite i am home alone even my parent are with friends. i get called ugly every day from this date last year to today i got call ugly 500 times been told youll never get a gf 1000 times. i just need some good people to cheer me up. i am just a ugly guy on this earth having nothing to life for.
  9. i love sarah

    i am just a guy

    i try its hard