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  1. http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2012/05/24/parabens-on-risk-of-breast-cancer.aspx?e_cid=20120524_DNL_art_1 --------- Also, consider if you even need to use anything. It isn't essential. I used anti perspirants for a bit in high school because I thought it was essential, like applying soap all over my body. But I've realized they don't do much for e at all. If its really hot and muggy or im doing a lot of physical activity, I'm going to perspire all over so what's the point
  2. Alternativista always has awesome advice. Second on the oil cleansing. You don't have to go all out and do the face-steaming bit, just massage your face once a week or so with oil (jojoba works well for most people, it's the ONLY oil that works for me), and wipe it off with a warm, wet washcloth. Moisturize with two or three drops of oil afterwards. I find that excess carbs/sugars in my diet tend to cause excess flaky and oily skin, so you may benefit from cutting back on these things. Also,
  3. Paleo is actually optimal for all body types, no matter what your goal. Kellan Lutz, the actor that starred in Hercules, recently touted that the Paleo diet was a major player in how he beefed up for the film. Paleo is not a carb-free diet, it's just lower in carbs than the typical American diet due to the lack of grains and refined sugars. You can still get carbs through sweet potatoes, squash, fruits, starchy veggies, etc. Most people who follow this lifestyle are very toned and muscular, and
  4. dylonspythotfyre, it is very surprising to me that the sources you have investigated have not emphasized meat source. I have been Paleo and part of the Paleo community for 2 years and have found very few sources that do not emphasize this, other than uninformed mass media articles. This is a huge misconception with the Paleo diet among popular culture, but most legitimate sources emphasize meat source and quality to be just as important as the components of the diet itself. Keep us update
  5. even more than this actually, pesticides are super-estrogens, so are soft plastics, chicken injected with hormones, cows/fish given hormone inducers.. these were not present by my grandparents times.so what? this would never equal: acne = bad diet. unhealthy diet. (but rather hormone contaminated diet <a different story) making such a theory is as dangerously as going to the "gypsy" (white magic/witch/fortune tellers) for a disease, instead of going to the doctor. PLUS: the majority of fo
  6. Anxiety is a weird thing. Like acne, there is no one cause for it. Diet and lifestyle help, but it's also one of those things where you need to be concious of what makes your anxiety flare and how to cope. We all get nervious in some situations, which is normal, but having inexplicable anxiety flares is abnormal. Meditation helps. Sugar is the main trigger for my anxiety.
  7. How your genes express themselves is directly caused by your diet and lifestyle. You can't eat crap and expect to have flawless skin and perfect health. Our genes are not so horribly flawed. Please do some basic biologic research before posting such uninformed "info". That vitamin and accutane are similar is fact and common knowledge. Not your discovery. And I've no idea why you feel the need to argue that point. You were the one who began arguing that they weren't. What on earth are you smoki
  8. Like I said, the Paleo diet in general simply avoids most conventionally consumed sources of Omega 6. You can't completely avoid omega 6's, and they're not bad unless your 3's and 6's are imbalanced. No need to obsess, just eat the right things for your body. Muscle and organ meats are a big part of the paleo diet, and pastured, organic meats have wonderful 3-6 ratios, unlike conventionally raised meats. Pumpkin seeds are good, of course, in moderation. A small handful. Pretty high in omega 6's
  9. I didn't have issues getting pregnant, but I did have hormonal imbalances that made life pretty difficult for me, as well as PCOS. The Paleo diet/lifestyle made huge differences in my life and got my hormones aligned. Many media sources call Paleo a "fad diet" but it really isn't at all it's a lifestyle that, those who follow it, stick with it because of the changes it makes in one's life. Basically, it helps your body function the way it was meant to. http://wellnessmama.com is a great reso
  10. I think it goes without saying that alcohol in mass amounts isn't good for your physical or emotional health. Socialization and stress relief, however, is. If you are going out with some friends and have a few drinks, good for you, just know to not cross the line into numb-the-pain-away drinking. Alcohol, in small amounts, can be beneficial. Also remember that there are other ways to socialize. Getting friends together to go to an amusement park, hiking, or going to a beach is a wonderful way to
  11. This post has been a long time coming. I think it's finally time. I will try to keep this as short as possible, no guarantees ;] I apologize for the general lack of pictures. I have a few on my profile of when my acne was at it's worst. Otherwise, I never took pictures of it and ALWAYS wore makeup out and when taking pictures. I don't wear foundation or anything any more, though. This is the back-story. Skip ahead for the meat and sweet potatoes. . When I was 12, I started to devel
  12. Hi Sasch, I'm experimenting with various diets in an effort to cure my acne. I believe that acne is caused by diet. I'm curious about your stint with a Pescetarian diet. When you went Pescetarian, what did your 3 meals a day look like throughout the week? Also what kind of fish did you consume? Were you conscientious of whether the fish was wild-caught or farm raised? Did you also give up milk, sugars, breads, alcohols, and coffee during this Pescetarian trial? I have also researched the Pale
  13. This post is pretty insensitive to the people coming here to seek emotional support. Also, it's innacurate. Completely false. Some of us are, indeed, more prone to develop acne than others, but it does not mean we are doomed to deal with it forever. I'm sick of poeple dooming themselves to substandard lives because of their genetics. "I'm overweight because it's genetic." "I have back problems, always will, it's in my genes." "My relatives died of ___ so more than likely I will too, it's
  14. It does hurt, physically and emotionall. I remember. But it's not that your acne is holding you back, but that you are holding yourself back. You can beat this, you are strong. You are not defective or broken. Acne sucks, but there are worse things. There are people out their with chronic disease, birth defects, terminal illnesses who would kill for acne to be their only worry. Get out and live your life. Trust me, it's out there. Don't waste these years staring in a mirror hating what you s
  15. It's gone, after years and years, but the difference is not that I became happy once my acne was gone. Instead, I became happy while I still had acne. My marriage suffered from my insecurities, so finally I realized I was loved no matter what, and I let them go. It was liberating.