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  1. I even sat through the nasty white ooze. So tempted to pop but I didn't...
  2. I have fair asian skin, after I neutralized the pimple using Benzoyl Peroxide, I have a really really and I mean like blood spot red marks left behind. It's not a scab either. It's like blood underneath the skin. Please what can I do to speed up the healing/fading process? I didn't squeeze or touch the pimple, all I did was spot treat the pimple using Dan's Benzoyl Peroxide. I have asian skin so please consider this. I'm very sensitive to things so I have to be careful on what I apply. I th
  3. Yeah, the combination and AHA and BP has made my skin break out more than anything.
  4. It takes like two weeks, but you will continue to peel dead skins away, very noticeable unless you glop on tons of moisturizer, at this point you will look super shiny but it's better than flakes I guess.
  5. My new regimen is just washing my face twice a day with cleanser (oil-free) and applying moisturizer day and night. That's it. BP really f**ks up your face. Same thing with AHA and any other crap.
  6. Thanks. These breakouts are not small whiteheads, they are huge red pimples that hurt a bit...
  7. Is it safe to use every day as a night moisturizer? Anyone else suffer breakouts after using this stuff? Asian skin. Thanks.
  8. Thanks. Now it's flat but how do I get rid of the redness?
  9. I'm concerned with permanent damage or scarring that can result with long use of AHA or BP.
  10. I'm an asian male with fair skin, not oily age 25. Most of my problems regard to pimples or little spots on the face, including redness from previous pimples. The regimen works well but it is too strong for me with too much side effects. 1. Flaking and skin peeling. Dark (dead) skins peel from use of BP and moisturizer. So bad to the point that I had to reduce it to once a day at night before bed. 2. Redness, this subsides course of a month or so after stopping the usage but when you first a