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  1. sorry for asking, but what is flushing?
  2. is this product just a cleanser? cleansers with SA won't do anything for your skin an SA-less Cleanser wouldn't do simply because the SA doesn't have enough time to actually absorb into your skin and work effectively. Try a topical SA like Paula's BHA ( another word for SA).
  3. Does anyone know approximately how long you should wait after applying BHA to apply BP to make it most effective? thank you
  4. thank you. and im pretty sure i'll outgrow it, no one in either side of my family has a history of lasting acne. and i don't know what it is that makes me wake up, i can't even control it. im really not worried about it anymore, i just wanna sleep. i just happen to wake up on my own. but thanks again for the comments/suggestions :]
  5. they might just be clogged pores. not 100% sure though.
  6. grr.. i have mild- moderately mild acne. I'm always trying to be positive but it's getting pretty hard.. i spent like the almost the whole day in the sun yesterday and my dumb ass forgot to put on sunscreen. the night before that i was at a party and had a few drinks and came home and went straight to sleep without washing my face. before i went to sleep last night i kinda saw a pimple forming on my right cheek. then when i woke up in the morning today, i saw something else forming on my lef
  7. haha im a guy so i can't really carry a pocket mirror without looking weird. so i use just about everything else including my cell phone, i touch, etc. :0
  8. for some reason, i could care less about taking pictures. my acne never comes up on photos cuz its pretty mild, but it still bothers the crap outa me!
  9. I'm very envious of anybody that looks unattractive yet lives their life to the fullest because it is something i have yet to do even though i try my best to.
  10. so now it seems whenever my body gets too hot, i somehow see a pimple that isnt happened and try to pick at it. let me give you guys examples. the other day i took a pretty hot shower and it was about 70 degrees outside. im really hot and sweaty and i have to admit it was pretty dumb of me to take a hot shower. somehow i manage to see a pimple forming (it really wasnt, just a blackhead) so i tried to pick at it and before i realized it i was putting as much force as i could, but i got nothing
  11. I use a bit of concealer on spots and no one has ever noticed. It'd be very hard to notice a tiny bit of concealer if you get the right shade and blend it in nicely. You definitely don't want to put make up over your enitre face because I think that would be pretty obvious to everyone. But there's nothing wrong with putting on make up in my opinion.
  12. Neutrogeana Rapid Clear Acne Defence Face Lotion. its very mild and i think its pretty good. contains 2% SA and no harsh ingredients. Althought it says it can reduce your break out in 8 hours, thats not really possible... but other than that it works pretty well imo.
  13. exactly!!! but from now on im promising myself its not worth the risk of making it worse.. i have a cut looking thing about a quarter of an inch in diameter. blahh my face is starting to clear up too and then this .
  14. if you have a female you can talk to, maybe try some concealer?
  15. mirrors truely do make it the hardest part. they don't even have to be mirrors. how many of you guys find yourself looking off reflections of your cell-phone or car windows or any other reflective surface?