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    I really like talking to kyoot boiz TEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEE<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />My favorite month is September. I like grunge music and ska music and new wave music and shoegaze music and jasmine tea.
  1. I use nosepads sometimes (Bioré) like a lot of people for my blackheads, and I think everyone knows how much more difficult they are than other types of acne when it comes to resilience. When I usually use a nosepad, the pore become clogged soon after, but LAST NIGHT I found that... Rubbing jojoba oil onto my nose after using the nosepad has left my pores unclogged (those which were unclogged in the first place - Nosepads often wimp out on me) and the skin is smooth and flat, rather than re
  2. It looks like photographs I've seen of mild eczema.
  3. Mineral oil is noncomedogenic and can be safely used on the skin, but many complain that products they've used containing mineral oil have broken them out. This is due to the "trapping" effect that mineral oil has, allowing comedogenic products in the product to penetrate deeper into the skin - I'm pretty sure this could be observed with most oils, however. Personally, I don't think mineral oil is that great of a moisturizer; I suggest spending the extra cash on a designated moisturizer. Mine
  4. I wouldn't worry about the way you sleep affecting your acne; if you do believe you experience acne from your cheek resting on your pillow, it would be more effective to see if the detergent you use is giving you an allergic reaction, rather than spending painstaking hours trying to change the way you sleep (which, I'd imagine, would only make your skin worse, since you will be depriving your body of essential rest). Also, though I do not sleep on my back, I have heard and read that sleeping on
  5. I've used the Pond's wipes before and I really liked them. They do remove makeup, but I do imagine that the ingredients that can be placed in makeup removers/cleansers allow the cleansing to be more effective than ingredients that saturate a cloth.
  6. I've used the Pond's wipes before and I really liked them. They do remove makeup, but I do imagine that the ingredients that can be placed in makeup removers/cleansers allow the cleansing to be more effective than ingredients that saturate a cloth.
  7. You can, but you won't like the results. Creating a mixture of a moisturizer and jojoba oil is helpful because it allows everything to be distributed evenly on the face. Jojoba oil itself (And, so you know, I have used it by itself before) will just be very shiny, and although it will provide great moisture, the amount needed to spread it all over the face will simply be more than the skin needs. I actually really liked how I looked when I just used jojoba oil, though; it's a very Goddess
  8. You're confusing psychology and sociology with religion.
  9. I have found that the lightest shades of Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse are perfect for my skin color; I use Porcelain fair; it is for neutral/rose undertones rather than golden undertones (but they have that, too), so it looks more like my skin color and I don't look orange. As for your foundation wearing off, try setting it in a loose powder. There's some brand at Wal-Mart with a name like "Organic Wear"; it's what I use (terrible representation, right?); it's cheap and beautiful on top of m
  10. Seriously, I have nothing more to say about acne. Just do the Caveman regimen, or wash your face with water. Keep the acid mantle healthy and your skin will look healthy. My skin looks about 60% better right now, and I've been just using water and jojoba oil for about two days. I think, however, that it also helps to live an actual LIFE and just enjoy energy and the outside, even if I'm doing it by myself (which is how I'm doing it). Now that I'm not doing anything, I'm almost in a case o
  11. Some good things to use on your scar would be lime juice (bleaches color of scar, is acidic, and will help generate new skin tissue, healing the scar faster). Eventually, the scar will heal itself, but using lime juice (or lemon juice) will be very helpful.
  12. Sigh... Yes. I have been vegetarian for upwards of four years now, and even before I had gone vegan, my skin was manageable. I was vegan for exactly ONE YEAR (November 1st 2006 - November 1st 2007) in honor of the Pagan New Year, and it was the most wonderful thing I ever could have done for my body, mind, spirit, and so on. My skin was simply lovely (although I would sometimes experience a sugar pimple after making a vegan cake; I would eat the entire thing - I was a runner and had no s
  13. Guys, Stop visiting a dermatologist for acne. Please stop. Acne is one of those things you have to get over yourself, withOUT getting your skin drugged up by a greedy derm.
  14. Single... Always have been single. It has come to a point where I'm comfortable in knowing that I will always be single. I can live independently. As for the acne, I've been writing that issue over throughout the forums.