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  1. Thank you Panos. That is some interesting info. I might look into this after I have healed from my TCA peel.
  2. Panos, I am sorry. I thought the Declatone (or whatever the product was called) thread was about iodine. Would you mind including some info regarding iodine for scarring here? Thank you in advance.
  3. Polecat, thank you for reading. Yes, I too appreciate this website. I have learned so much from others here. Hopefully, this thread is a small contribution. I went to the dermatologist today. He thinks there is improvement. Though he says there is more room for progress. I thought I wanted (needed) one more subcision but he nixed that idea. So, I will just have another TCA peel. We will be going with the 35% this time. He made sure that I understood the recovery would be longe
  4. My skin is making progress. I feel like this was a good beginning. I go back to the derm Thursday. I will post more after my appointment.
  5. Day 7 This will be my last post for a while. I had my follow visit today. My face is red but the derm said that was good. He said the redness meant collagen was forming. So yay! Also, what I am seeing right now will not be the final results. I go back in a month for re-evaluation A few things: As I was getting into my car after my appointment, I caught a glimpse of my face in the car window and I have to say it looked a lot smoother. I didn't experience the usual anxiety I get
  6. I do not want to discourage anyone from doing a TCA peel. I would consider doing more peels and subcisions but for the moment I think I just need to let my skin rest. It is still red and seems a bit swollen. This is preventing me from being able to objectively judge any improvement. Also, my skin is bumpy and I was hoping that would be resolved as soon as the peeling was completed. However, I don't believe it is realistic to think that every bump will disappear within 6 days. As I have been read
  7. Rob, I had my done through a dermatologist but Matt did home peels. I bet he will answer your question soon. Day 6: Well I have basically completed the peeling process. My face is very red and I don't know if the permanent results should be evident now or if this a wait X month(s) and see situation. I am trying to withhold an opinion because if I had to make one today it would be one of disappointment. Tomorrow I have a follow up visit with Dr. Berlin so maybe that will offer some clarity
  8. Day 5: Not too much to report. I have been peeling a lot and should be done by tonight or tomorrow. I am just letting my skin come off at its own pace. Two things that don't mix with a TCA peel: an obsessive/compulsive personality and impatience. My cheeks (of course) are the last to peel and I want so badly to see what is happening under there. But it will shed soon. Patience. Patience. Patience. The itching has finally subsided. I am still keeping the skin very moist. I have managed
  9. Hey Matt, you nailed it. It is Day 4 and everything you described is happening. I am peeling and itching. Today's mantras are "do not pick" and "do not scratch". It seems everything is going according to plan. The TCA peel recovery has been more intense than what I experienced with the subcision but most of the peeling should be done by this evening or tomorrow. Rob, now I can answer your question. Yes, day 4 is when the magic starts to happen.
  10. Bangagong, here is a website that has a wealth of information on dermarolling: http://forums.owndoc.com/dermarolling-microneedling/ (just in case you haven't already read it). Good luck
  11. Thank you Matt. You are right. Today is DAY 3 of theTCA PEEL and I can see I will be peeling soon. I slept on the couch (as opposed to my bed as I had been doing) last night and kept my head more elevated. That has made a big difference. The swelling has gone down a bit and I got a better night's rest. It seems that would have a been a common sense thing to do at the start but at least I know now. The itching has reduced as well. I think the restless sleeping was the cause of yesterd
  12. I don't know. I haven't started peeling yet but today, for some reason, is a psychologically difficult day. My face is a greasy, swollen, red/brown, itchy mess. But again this is the normal progression after this type of procedure. It just doesn't feel good. Ugh. Anyway, enough whining. I cannot even imagine what ablative laser treatments are like. I will keep everyone posted over the next few days.
  13. 48 hours after TCA PEEL: My face is beaten up and greasy. I feel bruised and have some swelling, especially under my right eye. My skin is turning brown and has broken out in some tiny white bumps but I think this is just how my skin responds to things. This would happen everytime I needled. By day 2 or 3 after any procedure, I start to have a "WTF have I done" moment and this time is no exception. Dr. Berlin encouraged me to call or come in if I had any worries or concerns (basically
  14. "451/mr matt - do you guys happen to know if its possible to do subcision on boxcar type scars (like the ones in the above link) or is it mostly reserved for rolling scars? I have scars similar to that and was just wondering if it made sense to seek out doctors who would do it." I think it is possible to do subcision on the scars pictured in the above link. In fact, those particular before/ after photos changed my perspective about what types of scars can be treated with subcision. I was
  15. I think it is because you are a fit guy so you are not going to have as much fat thus showing a more "angular" facial appearance. This is considered attractive. In my case, I have lost the feminine "apples" of my cheeks and my eyes are very hollow resulting in a haggard look. It is my understanding that doctors perform fat grafting differently for men and women. For men, I think they try to maintain a lot more of those hollows so as to not "feminize" the face. With women they try to make