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  1. I had super super oily skin, and took accutance 80 mg for 5 months. I stopped taking accutance in February and still have no oil. My face is back to being regularly hydrated, but it is by no means oily.
  2. Depends on your derm, but it's usually daily, and in a 20 mg pill once a day, or a 40 mg pill once a day, OR a 40 and a 40, at different times of the day. And you're supposed to do it with meals or while drinking milk.
  3. Thanks! And yes, I had the oilest face. It was really gross because by the end of the school day in my last period, I would have to go to the bathroom everyday, and wipe my face with moisture-absorbing cloths. By the end of the day when I was leaving, it would be oily again. Accutane made me basically dry, real dry. Then my skin became normal and was, at the risk of sounding like a commercial or advertisement, supple and soft. Just hang in there. :] Hang in there, and thanks for your k
  4. Yeah... my hair thinned significantly. I didn't lose any more than usual, but it was very brittle. I just make sure to not wash it as often as I used to (once a day) as I now only wash my hair every other day, but still shower daily. This is to keep oils in it and not further the damage. :[
  5. Yup. How are you doing? I'll have some more pics up soon as well.
  6. Thanks, haha. And yes, my skin is super soft. I use _'the healing garden - white tea therapy: Soothe & Smooth exfoliating scrub' once a week to slough off dead skin and the such. For moisutrizer, it's just a small dab of hydro-cortizone every day. Thanks! Tanks! Thanks! :]
  7. Oh, I'm really sorry. I can't even begin to imagine what it must have been like. 1 mnoth was hell enough for me. Ugh. Thanks for your hopes for me. It means alot. Glad accutane did help though. :] Thanks so much!!! No prob. Thank you!! Oh, don't even worry, you'll be as clear as the day you were born. I can tell already it's working. Wow. Keep it up, you're doing great! Thanks so much. :] Um, I cleared completely (even superficial scars and stuff) in month 2-3. But, I'm
  8. Basically broke out bad until week 3. After week three, starting clearing. Clear completely (as in no new acne) by the end of month two. Then, after, spots were clear due to peeling. Now, acne free and blemish/spot free, though there is very small hyperpigmentation, though I could care less.
  9. I don't think accutane is supposed to eliminate zits and pimples _completely_, just dramatically reduce your zit count to what society deems a normal number of zits during the month. :] I'd say wait it out. If you break out a bit, then go on it.
  10. These are before a party I went to two days ago... Face is clear + new hair cut. I'm finally happy with my self image. Now the shocking, nasty crap. Ugh, I can't believe I am posting THESE. UGH. Basically, these are all about 1 month into accutane, up until about week three when I started seeing clearing. Warning, these are nasty. This was the hardest time of my life, but I HAD to keep telling myself that I was moving on to better things after the initial breakout was over. Me, look
  11. I barely had activity on my nose, but the ones I did have went away by pussing up, then drying out. They turned into small dried things of oil that easily rolled into balls and fell out of my pores, with no pore enlargement whatsoever. Haha, thanks so much. It means a lot to me. And yeah, I relatively hate facial hair, but i'm lazy sometimes and forget to shave. :[ Ugh, it's a love hate relationship. :]
  12. Haha, I've since shaved it off a while ago. Thanks though. :] Thanks. :] I had the same thing you describe. They just scabbed and fell off, no pain whatsoever, so long as I moisturized. Your skin can go back to normal. I mean, look at mine. It was HORRIBLE. And now I have a somewhat even skin tone like I had before. My messenger name is: Ryanjc228 --> AIM :] I'm 17, and I weigh 160 as well. I'm 6'1.5" I started out on 80 mgs (two 40 mg a day). I broke out horribly,
  13. Thanks you so much. :] You as well. Thanks!!! Yeah. It hit me hard during the first month, but the second month was nothing but clearing. The third week mark I saw def. progress though. :] Agreed. The red spots were all old acne marks, though some were like acne volcanos where gunk would just keep popping up. Eventually, my face dried so badly the marks just peeled off with minimal damage. I have the obvious little pits on my face, but it's nothing compared to acn
  14. So I stopped updating my log regularly due to school work, activities, busyness, and overall life in general, but I haven't forgotten about my haven or the caring people here on acne.org :] I have 1 month left on accutane, but I might get to end early since I have had nothing for almost 2 months. I am pretty much changed 180 degrees. Everything I wasn't I am now. I just really recommend accutane to anyone who is struggling with the thought of taking it. As long as you trust your physician/derma
  15. Claud, just dropping by to sa you look excellent. :] You're definitely improving, and you probably feel 1000 times better. I know I do. Gotta run. Keep up. :]
  16. Hi Sorry I had been missing from this thread. Am on my third month now and derm had nt up my dosage so it remains on 30mg and I sm starting to clear. The derm said that this could be the last month on Accutane !! But I am apprehensive and worried that once it is over those zits would be back... I got this gut feeling that you are cleared !! Well done!! What did your derm says ?? Chris ← To Vanessa: I'm doing great! Who could've thought life could be so good to somebody!!! To Chris:
  17. Doing wonderful! I love school, it's going so awesomely! Yes! Skin is great, compliments on skin are great, girls are great. Life is so awesome with accutane. Chris, Vanessa, Michael, how you guys doing?
  18. Back from Texas. You Texans have huge spiders. 0.0 But anyways, feeling great, doing fine, and no new little shits. Yeah!!! Wooh. Everybody update me on where you are. Sorry I'm so busy.
  19. A quick update as I'm leaving for Texas. Sorry I've not been updating as regularly. I'm so busy with school, friends, clubs, ahhh... Doing great. Lips are good with just chapstick now. Skin is great. Nothing new, cysts that popped up went away. Feel great, sleep better, feel better, can look people in the eye, can talk to girls. Take care
  20. True true, buddy, thanks. I'm just so used to not worrying about it now. I haven't gotten anything new, so....
  21. Shit-shit-shit-shit-shit. First day of school went good. Wake up on 2nd day of school with two zits on left cheek. Fuck!!!! Fuck! All was going so well. I hope this doesn't become a trend, face. Ugh. Darn it. Weird cysts on back and neck continue to come and go like there wasn't a tomorrow...
  22. Yeah, quad/atv, same thing. Btw, it's nice to be back. Went to Big Bear, Cali and had a blast. Got burnt though. I was in the sun for four hours, and not even sun block helped me. Skin feels fresh and smooth though. No new breakouts on face, but I have a weird zit on the back of my neck. Hmm..
  23. Used to be able to, but now there is so much freakin expansion, there is hardly any free lots of desert left. I did it in Utah. It was awesome. BTW, nice myspace. As for me, nothing new. Just same results. YES!