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  1. hey =) i thought i had responded to the comment =/

    i'd like to see those pics =)

    no pics of Chad and i, we both hate the camera :P

    i hope u are good!

    1. oooh pumpkin cheesecake :0

      any pics?

      1. so sorry i haven't emailed you yet :/

        i start working again tmrw morning. SUUUUCCCKKKSSS.

        i'm glad to hear ur holidays went well :)

        WOW! u know the language of London? ;P

        talk soon, i hope!

        1. CAKES^_^

          Flakiness with new moisturizer

          i too feel like i should update my experience with the new moisturizer, i already did on the blog, and now for heeeere. i still do not like this moisturizer in the way that it moisturizes, but when i put on the old one i noticed the difference in calming. the older one burnt me and it was so uncomfortable. The new one feels good going on as said above. My skin STILL flakes but it IS winter time and therefore it is colder where i reside, and i also have not been very good to my skin or body; so
        2. How have u been?

          in nursing classes yet? did the job keep you?

          1. hey, lady =)

            i was trying to add u!! haha

            i'm sorry, i've been really occupied :o

            i hope your Thanksgiving and Christmas went well and that you are well! =) i promise to answer to your email THIS week. PROMISE :D

            what part of Europe would u like to visit?

            idk where i wanna go, doesn't have to be far, tho, just away. :D

            1. did they remove the 'add friend' feature?

              1. CAKES^_^

                Flakiness with new moisturizer

                =( see, i wish i could say the same, i really do. It does feel amazing going on, very soothing and calming. i don't exfoliate.... and i never had to with the previous Acne.org moisturizer. Also, it does still leave a shine on my face =[ not as much as the previous one, but still more than i go out with, but i don't care about that because it is easily fixed by patting with tissue paper or blot sheets.
              2. haha, aww sweet =) but, III am the lucky one ^_^

                hope u r well, i finally emailed u =)

                1. CAKES^_^

                  Temporary alternative pumps

                  Does this new pump dispense the same amount of product? Cause, i feel it dispenses very little. VERY little and if not, then the new moisturizer really does not moisturize, seeing as i am using about 9 pumps and still having very flaky skin and dry skin. =/ really only two pumps? could a picture of what two pumps of the new moisturizer with the new pump is supposed to look like be posted?
                2. CAKES^_^

                  Flakiness with new moisturizer

                  i agree!!!! i too have been on The Regimen about 2 years now, and never before had this problem. i too worry about smiling too big and other stuff that will give me flakes. My face feels tight and not moisturized with this new moisturizer, i have given it time. I will give it till the bottle runs out, but then i will have to another moisturizer =/ ha, i think the same. If i knew i was not going to like this new moisturizer i would've bought out all the old bottles haha. Brandy, the lot
                3. CAKES^_^

                  Do all of you guys sleep on your back?

                  You just keep telling yourself to not sleep on ur side, and correct yourself everytime you aren't sleeping on your back. Slowly it will become natural. Just like if you used to touch your face and you trained yourself to no longer touch it. haha! so do i!!!! people think i am a weirdo. oooh, well. i use baby bibs tho, like those soft soft towels. They r so soft =) i agree! takes the lotion clean off, the BP too. Pillow cover has a yellowish color in the morning (new moisturizer).
                4. CAKES^_^

                  is moisturiser really nessersary?

                  I NEED to moisturize, but my brother skips this step. he hasn't moisturized for months. i WISH i didn't need to moisturize. how long before you "dried out?"
                5. long time. How u been lady? :]

                  1. thanks for the comments! =) thanks thanks thanks :)

                    hahaa u wanted him huh?!?!?! muy delicioso! yummy haha =)

                    ever talk to him again?

                    1. emailed!!!! =)

                      glad to hear u r doing really good =)

                      1. email u soon! life has been un poco loca.

                        1. CAKES^_^

                          Swimming and the Regimen

                          I'm not an expert but i think you should rinse the chlorine off after and YES! make sure u do not miss the regimen. extra moisturizer after since the swim probably did extra drying.
                        2. sorry i have taken FOREVER responding =( i will get back to u soon. Promise. Life has been a Bitch lately =( arrgg. i hope urs is going well! =)

                          1. WOW =0 thank you so much for that! =) i really need that sometimes. Thank you so much and as i said beforei like the way you are too =) stay strong! :)

                            1. thanks tho =) i will get time to unwind ^_^

                              1. wow =o i didn't know i had sent the email. i remember writing it offline but i really thought i had never sent it. so i just re-sent it today =0 i must have really been out of it =/

                                1. where have u gone?!