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  1. hey you ; ) haha i thought i'd post on ur gb for old time's sake, even tho we talk on fb. let me know when you're free to talk on windows n hopefully we can set somethin up = )

  2. hey =) i thought i had responded to the comment =/

    i'd like to see those pics =)

    no pics of Chad and i, we both hate the camera :P

    i hope u are good!

  3. i got pics of some snickerdoodles that i made! i'll send you some if you want. n i wanna show u other pics too. got any pics of u n chad? = )

  4. aww man, good luck with the new job. i'm sure you'll do great ; ) i'm gonna start nursing class soon, which is a relief. r u taking classes @ the same school this semester? i gotta take a math class n u know how i fuckin hate math. haha -- no pics of the cheesecake.

  5. oooh pumpkin cheesecake :0

    any pics?

  6. so sorry i haven't emailed you yet :/

    i start working again tmrw morning. SUUUUCCCKKKSSS.

    i'm glad to hear ur holidays went well :)

    WOW! u know the language of London? ;P

    talk soon, i hope!

  7. aww, it's cool that u've been busy. um, i'd love to visit all kinds of countries in europe .. but i wanna visit london first, since i know the language. lol -- i was just looking at traveling books today n fantasizing about it. let me know how the school thing is turning out. take care, sweetie ; )

  8. hey lady! hahah you were trying to add me? i'll try n add u n see what happens. my thanksgiving and christmas went very well! i hope yours did, too. i made a pumpkin cheesecake n i ate waay too much of it. need to exercise all this weight off for sure.

  9. i too feel like i should update my experience with the new moisturizer, i already did on the blog, and now for heeeere. i still do not like this moisturizer in the way that it moisturizes, but when i put on the old one i noticed the difference in calming. the older one burnt me and it was so uncomfortable. The new one feels good going on as said above. My skin STILL flakes but it IS winter time and therefore it is colder where i reside, and i also have not been very good to my skin or body; so
  10. How have u been?

    in nursing classes yet? did the job keep you?

  11. hey, lady =)

    i was trying to add u!! haha

    i'm sorry, i've been really occupied :o

    i hope your Thanksgiving and Christmas went well and that you are well! =) i promise to answer to your email THIS week. PROMISE :D

    what part of Europe would u like to visit?

    idk where i wanna go, doesn't have to be far, tho, just away. :D


  12. oh, and no i haven't started my nursing class yet : ( the waiting list is crazy. maybe if i were to go to school in wyoming i'd have a better fuckin chance. i'm pissed! but it's so cool that you wanna go far away to college= ) where 2? i really wanna live in europe one day. not for school, tho.

  13. girl i dunno ?!? i dunno y they would .. who u tryin 2 add?

  14. did they remove the 'add friend' feature?