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    i live in south new jersey
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    I like to run sometimes and ride through trails n such. I am for the most a very lazy person. i work alot. I seem to only get a few pimples from time to time....and they r always the mount everest type if you know what i mean.I am rather cute sometimes...hahaha....i am frequent on yahoo messenger.....im just pretty much waiting to turn 21 ..oh n i could just about open my own acne/skin care store..i have a slight addiction to health n beauty products.....its rather sad really i think i would have quite a bit of money if i would stay out of these god da*ned drug stores....
  1. well i am happy to hear that it is working for you who knew just cleaning your skin could work...hahaha.....oh n a lil bp....here n thier....
  2. i think i im good now..im using less of my moisturizer now so i feel less sticky....
  3. oops i meant to say im using the oil fre moisturizer.....from neutrogena.....for sensitive skin n it doesnt have an added spf....so whats o u all think ...spf or no spf i really think i may be alergic to it
  4. im not really sure i should go look..infact i will....oil free miosturizer...sensitive skin...and most of the moisturizers recomended have spf..i think i may be alergic or my face really cant take spf...it feels really itchy when i use it so my question is am i suposed to be usin a spf ...or can i do without....since im only spot treating my face with bp..since i have fairly clear skin
  5. im not picky well i am but its really hard to sleep knowing my face doest feel clean i dont have masive pimples..i just have like one or two..n now none...but still i wash my face n do regimens to make my face look n feel nice n if it looks like all shiny n feels like sticky n shit then wtf....if u think im picky then quick replying to me...ever hear of a person is entitled to thier own opinion......that is the point of me askin other peoples opinion to see whats working for them... so shush....
  6. the skin renewal one....?...dan said not to use it if ur just starting the regimen.......so maybe ill deal since the one i bought was pretty pricey.....till i get fed up with it......then ill try that one u mentioned out thanks. ......kryssy.....
  7. mee too in the chin area but its not that much of a bother....sometimes they r in odd spots like behind my ear or something crazy.....its usually when im goin through my cycle...ya know but then they go away i have always been told i have nice skin..but its dry and i really would rather not over dry it since its sensitive too....so i just smear on the bp in the chiin area i make sure its not just on the spots but the whole area ....so ill see how this works.....oh n by the way ..that cetaphil cl
  8. ok i only get a few pinples so ..should i not be using this since the bp is really drying?..is it ok....i just started the regimen a few days ago..last night i didnt moisturize it makes my face feel sticky n i cant sleep like that...but i did this morning but only a lil ...not my usual amount of moisturizer n it felt alot better i just must have been using to much lotion....but still my question is i dont have acne i know pimples r acne but i refuse to say i have acne i get some monster sized zi
  9. the most important thing is how are ur grades in school r u doing badly...i know u just started but last year did u do good....inlife its not who you know but what..and most of the friends u make in hs go away eventually so dont sweat the ppl in school n dont try to make em like you..if u have to work for friendship its not friend ship its fake n phony....so be ur self n have funi didnt have many friends but the one i was closest with im stil friends with ...personally i think its better to hav
  10. i agree i dont get pimples alot i just dont want to get them in the place i do so if im putting it on my already dry skin it makes me all flushed looking the whole day....
  11. ok i have been reading alota of peoples posts...main complaint i see is shiny ...now here is my poblem..my skin isnt ever oily it so dry usually..... now i could fry chicken on it..!!! and i couldnt sleep cause my face feels so tacky n sticky from my lotion what moisturizers r you all using...? im not gonna say what im using im just gonna listen first...but im reall upset with my moisturizer.... at least i got it on sale....
  12. ty all but i really dont have extra time.. hmm i think ill just try all methos n see whats the best..
  13. i used covergirl i think....here is my problem how do ya get it off..i know of one product that will remove it...other than just taking a sader to your lips...it was oil free eye makeup remover from mary kay i loved that stuff but im all out so if u have used it what else removes the shit...and what types have you all tried....?
  14. i never really did anything really bad with makeup....but i guess the worst thing was paying way to much for shit i could have gotten for a lot cheaper for a simiular or better cheap product.......also i like true match i think its called feels great on....and another also..i was in modeling school and ...they used to mix some foundations together for me and some other people...i have a red undertone and when i put a foundation on it just looked like a mask till i started mixig...lil pinkish to
  15. air dry...but ill get all wet from my face drippin on me....i work in the morning..i dont want to be dripin and waiting for my face to dry its self..lol...i dont have enough time as it is..lolhahaha