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  1. Yeah it still hasn't arrived yet. Pimples it seems aren't the big deal atm. It's all this crappy non-inflamed acne. Will this help with it? Because now I'm getting like 1 pimple every 2-3 weeks ish.
  2. Alright, I just ordered it like literally 8 minutes ago. Now, first off, my acne used to be bad. Like REALLY REALLY bad, but now that I'm almost 19 it's pretty much almost nonexistent except with a bump every week or two, and that's without me doing anything. Like all I do is just wash my face at night with soap and put lotion on it and that's it. Basically I think I'm outgrowing my acne, and probably in less than a year I'll never have to look back on these days ever again. But for the meantime
  3. Still today havent had a single pimple since then and i've pretty much kept the same regimen and wash my face like only once every 2-3 days. I'll see how long this keeps going on....
  4. Yeah same thing happened on both my shoulders, I had used 40% TCA like a dumb ass and was left with two big discoloration spots. I tried another one, 20% and it had made an improvement in the discoloration. I actually plan to do another 20% peel on my right shoulder today. I'm probably just going to get a tattoo over my left shoulder lol. 50% is very very very high, and if you're not caucasian, it's pretty much guaranteed you'll make the discoloration worse with that high percentage type of peel
  5. Omg for the first time in almost 2 months.....i got a pimple......omg omg omg omg lol, popped it today. i guess having a pimple every month or two wouldnt kill me lol. i guess this kinda stuff goes down gradually. Anyways i'll keep posting here for my own personal log.
  6. well it's 5 days since i started the experiment, but i've already been clear for well over a month. I just have to say it feels so good to finally be able to drink milk again(no homo) and when i come out the shower i can just rub my face all i want and i dont even have to wash my face at all! Right now as i'm writing this i'm drinking a nice HUGE cup of chocolate milk, which i must say i cant remember it tasting so good as it does now. Finally I can confidently say, the weight has been lifted.
  7. Ok still no pimples, i couldve sworn i felt a pimple forming on my right cheek, but now when i press on it, the feeling is no longer there and it's not red at all. I drank like a fat ass liter of chocolate milk 2 hours ago and i'm about to sleep, we'll see how this goes. Another thing to factor in is that coincidentally, i've only been eating usually only once a day but no more than twice, since a bit before i had my last pimple. It could be that since I haven't been eating much I haven't been g
  8. haha for the record i'm 17 and a half, i thought i felt a pimple growing earlier, but it went away......i guess i'll have to see. So far day #3 and nothing, but i have noticed that my oil nose has been reducing the amount of oil it produces since a few weeks ago. Haven't washed my face in 4 days at all with soap just plain ole water. Been rubbing my face quite a lot. We'll see how it goes, and the experiment goes on!!
  9. Dude i feel your pain, i remember going crazy before i started sophomore year in high school. I had really bad acne man. I only went to school till like January (mind you i was in sophomore last year) and ever since then i just didn't even go to school anymore, i let acne completely fuck up my life. Truth be told you can't deal with this kind of stuff, it's irrational emotions. The only cure to this insecurity is to be perfectly clear.
  10. Ok day #2, been drinking a lot of milk and haven't washed my face at all. Still no pimples.
  11. Yeah dude you'll just have to wait till it's gone to be confident again. No one can ever feel confident while they have a bunch of acne on their face. Yeah there's those special cases, but like what? 1-100,000 people? You're gonna have to wait this out buddy, unfortunately. The mirror is a constant depression when you have acne. So if anything try to avoid it, it'll make life that much easier. Good luck!
  12. Ok as some of you probably know, I haven't had acne for a while and I really haven't done much to take of my face. So my theory is that I finally outgrew acne, but I'm gonna put that theory to the test. I haven't drank milk in lord knows how long, just started drinking milk like crazy today. We'll see where my face goes from there. I'm going to rub my face with dirty hands or w/e. It's still hard for me to accept the fact that I'm finally free and clear. Anybody know anything else that'll cause
  13. it feels awesome not to have to look out for this shit any more.....its soo liberating!!i'm convinced i outgrew this. Over the course of the week i'm gonna put my face through hell to see if i really did lol. IM SERIOUS! anyways i've never felt more confident in my life. But keep in mind i've had acne for 5 bloody years and in those 5 years it's never EVER EVER EVER been clear for more than 4 days.