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  1. My African Black Soap takes all of my MMU completely, but if I have waterproof eye makeup on, I wipe it with either EVOO, Jojoba oil, Grapeseed oil.... they all work like a charm ^^
  2. EVOO is good for me. But my cleanser (not regiment) takes care of makeup removal though, so I only use it on my eyes.
  3. Name of product: Erzulie Cosmetics Clarifying Liquid Foundation Type of product: liquid foundation Shades available: 3 (supposedly color matching) Coverage: Light-medium For skin type: Normal-dry Best for: Normal or combination skin which requires very gentle products due to sensitivity. Suggested application: Sponge, brush, or fingers Ease of application / blendability: I use my fingers and it blends very well into the skin. I thouht the light would be too light for me, but once it's on, it al
  4. Is it milia? I used to have it but it disapeared when I started using All Natural products and makeup. Maybe if your current concealer is causing breakouts you can try some all natural concealers from companies like Erzuliecosmetics or 100 percent pure.
  5. joojoobe

    The powder goes on silky soft, and The silk powder in it help to calm and even help bring down redness and problem areas. I love that it has no harmful things like Talc or Bisthmus oxychloride. It is also cheaper than most MMU companies, and it is better quality in my opinion. You have to mix a white foundation with a pigment powder to get a precise match, but it's fun! and it makes it more versatile. The blush, lipglosses, and mascara are also excellent. None whatsoever other than the fact that
  6. For liquid foundation I use Erzulie liquid mineral makeup. Totally organic and it has great ingredients like lavender essential oil and grapefruit essence. For loose mineral makeup I use Silk Naturals mmu. It's nice, has great ingredients (including silk which helps calm troubled areas), and actually makes the skin softer with use. It's cheaper than most MMU brands too, but the quality it better. I had beef with Bare Minerals. It broke me out and made my face itch like crazy because of the Bis
  7. unrefined shea buter has never broken me out. i feel like it has helped get me clear (in conjunction with other things). It takes care of any flakes or rough skin texture, and It fades red marks. But it is very thick and could look greasy if you put on too much. And it's thick and crumbly so you have to melt it in your hands for quite some time first. I use butters-n-bars.com Unrefined Shea butter. The antioxidant souffle from this website is also very moisturizing and a bit less thick becuase
  8. Unrefined Shea Butter is incredibly moisturizing. It should protect against the harsh weather
  9. I could put on just a bit of mineral make up and my skin will look almost completely clear, even in broad daylight! Yay for no more bumps!
  10. about 5 minutes not including time to moisturize and tone. To do full face (Eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, foundation) is about 15 minutes
  11. Congrats!! I know how you feel! I started an all organic regime and I'm more or less in the clear too! Just a few pinkish marks. I never knew clear skin was such a blessing until after I started breaking out a year ago. lol~ ps: I love family guy too. lol
  12. Everyday. I have thin, long, very very straight hair.
  13. I guess we bothy need to work on getting ourselves thicker skins huh? lol It's hard not to feel embarrased.
  14. I second this. Unrefined shea butter + Raw African Black soap got me pretty much clear and scarless. But it's not a drugstore tinted moisturizer though ><
  15. I can't speak for all asians but Koreans are most definately blunt and very judgemental about appearance. Like very very much so. It sucks =(