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  1. Cheers mate will try next time I shave. Can I use shave foam with an electric shaver?
  2. I used to get a few spots when I was younger but hardly any really but since ive started shaving I have had acne much worse. I currently use an electric shaver then I apply aftershave afterwards. The next day I always seem to get 3 or 4 whiteheads form. I also tend to not use my moisturizer the day I shave which may be worse for my skin. I also went a week without shaving and got hardly any spots and my skin was much smoother. What can I do? Also worth a mention im not to keen on growing a
  3. Don't squeeze them I find that tends to cause scaring. May look worse in the short term but its better than having scaring.
  4. That's just stupid. Were these people acne prone to begin with? Did at least some of them have acne already when they started this experiment? If not, then it's a worthless case. As I said, the experiment proves that chocolate DOESN'T CAUSE ACNE. None of the people were acne prone as far as I'm aware but think about it. If those people were prone to acne, they may have an unrelated breakout while eating the chocolate, which would give incorrect results. I didn't say chocolate doesn't aggrav
  5. I wouldnt stop having milk. I personally just have it on my cereal once a day. Try and cut down on cheese, yogurt and ice cream.
  6. No need for 2 showers. That can't be good for your skin. Also I have a question is it better to have a shower in the evening or in the morning for your skin?
  7. I do think diet does play a big part in acne. I work part time in a supermarket so I see what kinds of things people buy and TBH most people with acne seem to buy a lot of chocolate and sweets. May not mean anything but I think diet plays a big part aswell as some other things. Also worth a mention after not eating chocolate for the past 3 days or so my skin does look better. Will keep you updated.
  8. Suppose it differs from person to person. Just think it causes whiteheads in my case.
  9. Yeah think I will try going a month without out chocolate like you say. Although its probably easier said than done. If I remember correctly I did lent once and my skin was much better although I did lose quite a lot of weight.
  10. Everytime I have a chocolate bar I seem to get 1-2 whiteheads the next day. I recently went a week without having any chocolate as my doctor recomended me to as I get migraines and apparently stress and chocolate are not a good thing for migraines. Finnished my exams so have ate choclate again and have started getting whiteheads again. Just wondering does anyone else have the same problem with choclate? And is it to do with the sugar?
  11. A lot of you seem to mention this candida, what actually is it? May sound a bit stupid to some of you but im a noob.
  12. I'd rather have acne than have a boring diet like that. Man you must have no energy.
  13. So if you drink a lot of water it is sensible to eat food that contains salt?