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  1. Yea apple cider vinegar works for me for the red marks as well.. and also AHA has been so helpful in making my skin more even tone and just helps the overall look and feel of my skin.. if you have mild acne i would certainly recommend AHA
  2. i scrub for around one minute and with just enough force to know that its different then just using my hands
  3. Well I have had acne for a little over 6 years now and have finally started to clear up using a variety of products..I now have hardly any inflamed breakouts and have been using BP for some time..I started the non inflamed acne regimen that is on this forum sticky with lots of success.. but now i am wondering when should i stop using BP and what should i use to keep my face clear i dont want to stop and have it just come rushing back again.. i still do have noninflamed acne but not much just s
  4. do they have any openings? cant really tell
  5. how long do Nodules usually last?
  6. Hi I have had acne for many years but never nodules or cysts, recently i got a nodule or atleast thats what i think it is, and i was wondering if using Salicylic Acid would be recommended.. or should i stray away from it?
  7. I was wondering if the ZNP bar was comedogenic and would clog my pores
  8. Okay over these weeks i have been having success with acne on my chin and jawline. very good success. but now(and its always been this way i think) i have noticed that there are non inflamed acne lesions on my forehead and lots of them i can poke them and the pores are big enough to poke and squeeze them but i dont want to do this because they will end up turning red and inflamed.. but they will not go away ive had these for such a long time and i dont know what to do.. they will squeeze but i d
  9. hahaha people that say masturbation and acne is connected are kinda right.. but its not because it aggravates it.. i think its more of a hormonal thing. when you feel like masturbating its ur hormones and that makes you masturbate which hormones have been linked to acne.
  10. Well i have moderate acne at times.. at times it gets good enough to be content with, but most of the time it is pretty bad with zits on my forehead appearing maybe twice a week. Well i was popping a pimple the other day and noticed that every time i pop one a small piece of hair comes out with it.. its mostly apparent on my jawline where my beard grows but also my forehead.. i also have acne that hides under my skin for a very long time and comes out when it wants to and becomes inflamed acne..
  11. this is exactly my problem aswell they wont go away and become inflamed if i prick at them and even sometimes just after months
  12. Okay i have mild acne and at times moderate.. But what i really want to get rid of are these bumps everywhere.. i have bumps on my jawline mostly under my cheeks and inbetween neck and jawline.. these do not have big pores or openings at times they are ingrown hairs but there are lots of them. They seem to be going away buy combination of SA and BP (my skin is tough enough to withstand both) but they dont go away completely... I also have similar bumps on my forehead and these have pretty noti
  13. Hello, i was recently searching the forums on how to get rid of these little bumps i had under my skin they are not red or look like acne but if i do pick at them and try to squeeze puss will come out but then it leaves them red and irritated so i wont do that i just want to get rid of them before they come to the surface.. if they ever do.. i believe these little bumps are the cause to my breakouts, i believe after awhile they come up and cause the new breakouts i get. anyway i was searching th
  14. Is moisturizer necessary or is it just for non flaky appearance i put on moisturizer when I do the Regimen daily but is it necessary if i dont mind flaky skin when im going to bed?